Jimmy Kimmel Shows Donald Trump Jr. And Eric Trump What Dad Really Thinks Of Them

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Jimmy Kimmel torched Donald Trump’s 2 big sons connected Thursday by offering his ain mentation of what the ex-president said successful a chaotic Fox News interrogation earlier this week.

During the interview, Trump claimed helium had the powerfulness to declassify documents with his mind erstwhile helium was president.

“You tin declassify conscionable by saying, ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by reasoning astir it,” Trump told Sean Hannity.

Kimmel called him “Harry Hou-dummy” implicit the claim.

“If Trump really had the powerfulness to alteration things conscionable by reasoning astir them, Don Jr. would’ve turned into a Big Mac 30 twelvemonth ago,” Kimmel cracked.

In the aforesaid interview, Trump said the FBI took his volition erstwhile they executed a hunt warrant astatine his location past month.

“That could origin a batch of problems if that gets published from radical that won’t beryllium truthful blessed oregon possibly volition beryllium precise happy,” Trump said.

“It would origin a batch of problems,” Kimmel conceded. “Because you’d person to explicate to Eric wherefore he’s not successful it.”

See much successful his Thursday nighttime monologue:

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