Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Only Way Trump Will Get Exercise

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Jimmy Kimmel said everything astir Donald Trump’s bizarre sojourn to a World Series crippled successful Atlanta implicit the play “went precisely the mode you mightiness expect.”

The erstwhile president earlier this twelvemonth called for a boycott of shot erstwhile MLB moved the All-Star Game retired of Atlanta to protestation Georgia’s caller voting restrictions.

He besides called for a boycott of Atlanta-based Coca-Cola for speaking retired against the law.

“Six months later, he’s guzzling Diet Coke and doing the tomahawk chop astatine a Braves crippled successful Atlanta,” Kimmel said. “The lone workout helium gets is if it’s thing racist.”

Trump was seen connected video doing the chop, a motion many Native Americans presumption arsenic racist and demeaning.

Kimmel said radical were wondering earlier the crippled if Trump would bash the chop.

“Of people helium would bash the tomahawk chop,” Kimmel said. “I springiness him 2 days earlier helium starts telling radical helium invented the tomahawk chop.”

Kimmel besides spotted a unusual interrogation Trump gave implicit the weekend. See that and much successful his Monday nighttime monologue:

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