Jimmy Kimmel Spots The 'Sweet' Clue Trump Is Preparing For Prison

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Jimmy Kimmel tried to decipher Donald Trump’s latest online rant and joked that determination mightiness beryllium a hint arsenic to wherever the erstwhile president volition beryllium surviving successful the future.

And it’s not Mar-a-Lago.

Trump fired disconnected an aggravated connection astatine New York Attorney General Letitia James, who connected Wednesday filed a civilian lawsuit against him and respective household members, accusing them of a “staggering” magnitude of fraud.

“Of course,” Kimmel said. “Fraud is who helium is! Charging Donald Trump with fraud is similar charging Lizzo with ‘Juice.’ It’s his essence.”

Trump’s connection called James “Peekaboo.”

“No idea,” Kimmel said. “I looked each implicit the internet, there’s nary mentation for wherefore he’s calling her ‘Peekaboo.’”

Trump’s connection ended conscionable arsenic oddly: “Bye, bye.”

“Peekaboo and bye, bye,” Kimmel repeated. “He indispensable beryllium spending clip with his granddaughter earlier helium goes to jail. Kinda sweet.”

See much successful his Wednesday nighttime monologue:

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