Jimmy Kimmel Taunts QAnon Followers With 1 Scathing Question

3 weeks ago 52

Jimmy Kimmel spent a 2nd consecutive evening trolling followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, hundreds of whom gathered successful Dallas this week successful the content that John F. Kennedy Jr. would amusement up and assistance erstwhile President Donald Trump reclaim power.

JFK Jr., who died successful a level clang successful 1999, did not look astatine the lawsuit arsenic believers had hoped. One QAnon person said successful an interrogation that they were told the erstwhile president’s lad would beryllium there.

“Told by who?” Kimmel wondered. “Q? How galore times does Q person to beryllium incorrect earlier they recognize he’s conscionable making worldly up? They don’t adjacent cognize who helium is.”

Then Kimmel offered up a conspiracy mentation of his own.

“Maybe I’m Q,” helium suggested. “Do you ever deliberation astir that? It’s not retired of the question. If I was, this is precisely however I would bash it.”

See much successful his Wednesday nighttime monologue:

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