Jimmy Kimmel Torches 'Despicable Creep' Trump Over His Latest Feud

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Jimmy Kimmel shredded erstwhile President Donald Trump implicit his reported choler astatine Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Donald Trump is said to beryllium successful a precise Trumpy feud with 1 of his personage impersonators,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” big said Tuesday. “You cognize however Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis duped that level afloat of Venezuelan families into flying to Martha’s Vineyard? Well, connection is, Trump’s upset astir that. Not due to the fact that helium cares astir the people. He’s upset due to the fact that helium thinks DeSantis stole the thought from him.”

According to Rolling Stone, Trump was privately fuming past week implicit the Florida governor’s governmental stunt due to the fact that helium believed it was “my idea.”

“Can you ideate being specified a despicable creep you’re huffy astatine idiosyncratic for being a despicable creep sooner than you?” Kimmel added. “It’s similar taking recognition for being the archetypal feline to enactment pineapple connected pizza.”

Watch beneath connected “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

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