Joe Biden Expressed His Thoughts On Queen Elizabeth During A Video Conference

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President Joe Biden is pursuing updates astir Queen Elizabeth’s wellness and has expressed his interest to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, White House spokesperson John Kirby said Thursday.

“The president has been briefed, of course, this greeting and volition beryllium updated passim the day,” Kirby told reporters successful a briefing. “His and the archetypal lady’s thoughts are solidly and squarely with the queen contiguous and her family.”

Biden conveyed his thoughts to Truss during a video league of leaders from nations successful the NATO subject alliance, Kirby said.

Earlier connected Thursday, Buckingham Palace announced that the queen’s doctors “are acrophobic for Her Majesty’s health.” Her children ― including successor Prince Charles ― and different members of the royal household are traveling to her broadside astatine Balmoral, her castle successful Scotland.

The queen has been connected the throne of the United Kingdom for 70 years ― making her the second-longest serving monarch successful history. Last year, Biden became the 13th U.S. president to conscionable with her.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) besides weighed successful connected the British ruler’s deteriorating condition. In Thursday greeting remarks, McConnell called her “a historical person of the United States.”

“The Senate and the American radical are watching the quality regarding our friends successful the United Kingdom and the wellness of their beloved Queen Elizabeth ... arsenic an exemplar of dependable enactment and a beloved fig astir the world,” McConnell said. “The decades of her reign person seen a profound deepening of the peculiar narration betwixt our 2 countries that has virtually changed the world.”

The queen has called the narration betwixt the U.S. and its erstwhile assemblage ruler a substance of “immense importance.”

In a 1976 sojourn to Philadelphia, she said America’s independency “should beryllium celebrated arsenic overmuch successful Britain arsenic successful America. ... We mislaid the American colonies due to the fact that we lacked the statesmanship to cognize the close clip and the mode of yielding what is intolerable to keep.”

“The acquisition was learnt,” she continued, saying the Revolutionary War encouraged her state to hew much intimately to its cardinal charter of rights, the Magna Carta. Over the people of the queen’s reign, Britain withdrew from galore of its erstwhile colonies astir the world.

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