Jogger abducted during early morning run

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Eliza Fletcher (MPD)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A pistillate was kidnapped portion moving aboriginal Friday greeting adjacent the University of Memphis.

UofM officials sent retired an alert that a pistillate who runs regularly connected Central Avenue appears to person been kidnapped astir 4:30 a.m. successful the 3800 artifact of Central.

PHOTOS: Woman kidnapped, forced into SUV portion moving adjacent University of Memphis

According to the Memphis Police Department, astir 7:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to assistance UofM officers regarding a missing idiosyncratic successful the country of Central and Zach Curlin.

Officers were told a woman, identified arsenic Eliza Fletcher, 34, was jogging successful the country astir 4:20 a.m. erstwhile an chartless idiosyncratic approached her.

Suspect conveyance (MPD)

According to MPD, she was reportedly forced into an SUV and taken away.

The fishy was successful a dark-colored SUV driving westbound connected Central. MPD aboriginal released a photograph of the vehicle.

Suspect conveyance (mpd)

Fletcher is simply a teacher astatine St. Mary’s Episcopal School.

Albert Throckmorton, Head of School, said younger students person not been told astir the kidnapping but the schoolhouse is supporting older students arsenic they larn the news.

The schoolhouse released a missive to parents, and said counselors and chaplains are disposable to enactment students.

“You don’t privation to perceive that is going on. We conscionable privation to find her,” Hart Robinson, a person of Eliza Fletcher’s household said.

“She teaches and that has 2 young boys that evidently are disquieted astir conscionable a large lady, conscionable the champion mom.”

Robinson said Fletcher regularly runs adjacent the University of Memphis.

“After we really recovered the accusation and saw a video wherever the idiosyncratic was abducted, that is going to rise an alarm,” Mj. Karen Rudolph, a nationalist accusation serviceman with the Memphis Police Department said.

WATCH: UofM security, MPD, TBI and FBI progressive successful searching for kidnapped pistillate runner WATCH: UofM security, MPD, TBI and FBI progressive successful searching for kidnapped pistillate runner

Police said Fletcher’s telephone and h2o vessel were recovered successful beforehand of a location connected Central Avenue, that’s owned by the university.

Surveillance video successful the country shoed Fletcher moving successful the country wearing a pinkish sports top, and bluish shorts soon earlier the incident.

Robinson said they conscionable privation her to beryllium recovered safely.

“If you cognize thing oregon saw thing aboriginal this morning, we’re conscionable asking you to travel guardant and assistance us,” helium said.

“It’s conscionable the mode things are today. The mode things are going,” Charles Hartman of Memphis said.

Hartman is reacting aft learning Fletcher was abducted portion moving successful his East Memphis neighborhood.

“It’s rather peaceful close present by the university, this is precise rare,” helium said.

FOX13 spoke to students who said they were connected precocious alert aft the incident.

“I deliberation we person a information squad that volition escort you to your car if it is aft dark, truthful radical conscionable request to beryllium alert of that,” Mark Provence said.

St. Mary's (ST. MARY'S)

Fletcher is 5′6,” 137 lbs., with brownish hairsbreadth and greenish eyes.

MPD said her idiosyncratic items were recovered but she has not returned home.

MPD gave an code for Fletcher successful the 1500 artifact of Carr Avenue.

The FBI and TBI person some responded to assistance successful the investigation.

If anyone has accusation astir Fletcher’s kidnapping oregon whereabouts, telephone 911 immediately.

Can you help?

We're assisting our partners astatine @MEM_PoliceDept successful the hunt for Eliza Fletcher. She went moving this morning, was abducted, and forced into a mid-size acheronian SUV.

Have you seen her oregon person accusation that could help? Call 901-528-CASH.

— Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (@TBInvestigation) September 2, 2022

BREAKING: Police are looking for 34-year-old Eliza Fletcher. MPD says she was jogging successful the country of Central Ave. and Zach Curlin St. astir 4:20 this greeting erstwhile she was reportedly forced into an SUV and taken from the scene. @FOX13Memphis

— Mandy Hrach (@mandyhrachnews) September 2, 2022

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