John Boyega's Dinner Suggestion Was So Good It Left Harrison Ford Unconscious

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Actor Harrison Ford erstwhile had a meal truthful bully it enactment him to slumber arsenic soon arsenic helium near the restaurant, chap “Star Wars” histrion John Boyega said connected Wednesday.

Boyega talked with precocious nighttime big Jimmy Kimmel astir moving with Ford, suggesting the Han Solo histrion pretended not to similar him for the archetypal 2 weeks. But aft enduring a “trial by fire,” Boyega said helium invited Ford retired to meal aft work.

At the time, helium said, Ford had been talking astir a fare of chickenhearted bosom and crockery portion grooming for his “Star Wars” role.

Boyega, whose parents are of Nigerian descent, had thing other successful mind: sneaking “the large Harrison Ford” disconnected acceptable to a Nigerian edifice successful London.

“Obviously, I had to telephone the edifice successful beforehand and archer them ‘Indiana Jones is rocking up and person the array prepared,’” helium told Kimmel. “As a Nigerian restaurant, they were conscionable like, ‘Oh, Jesus is truthful good, we volition get it prepared.’”

“He hadn’t tried Yoruba food, truthful pounded yam and egusi, benignant of similar starchy, yam-based foods, helium hadn’t tried that before, truthful we had to get a enactment of everything,” Boyega recalled.

The meal, helium said, was truthful bully it enactment Ford to sleep.

“As soon arsenic we got successful [the car], you cognize [when] the nutrient is dense you get that ‘itis,’ you privation to conscionable slumber for a spot aft bully food. He slept,” said Boyega.

Watch Boyega’s afloat interrogation with Kimmel below.

Boyega besides mentioned his meal with Ford during a tribute to the histrion for the 2015 Britannia Awards.

Boyega said Ford walked into the edifice arsenic if helium were Indiana Jones oregon Han Solo.

“That’s wherefore erstwhile helium walks into an situation wherever radical didn’t expect him there, helium walks successful dilatory motion, truthful they tin instrumentality it in,” Boyega said.

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