John Fetterman's New Ad Is A Highlights Reel Of Dr. Oz's Shady Medical Claims

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This predetermination cycle, John Fetterman, the Democratic Senate campaigner from Pennsylvania, has dragged his Republican opponent, erstwhile TV doc Mehmet Oz, for everything from his grocery shopping to his lack of Pennsylvania roots and his “making amusive of a changeable dude.”

On Monday, Fetterman came retired with different pointed run ad, this 1 attacking Oz’s agelong past of promoting unproven quack treatments.

Too atrocious there’s nary occurrence cure for being a full fraud,” Fetterman tweeted, alongside a video compilation of Oz touting each sorts of expected occurrence treatments, including crystal sonic therapy, raspberry ketones and, of course, exorcisms.

This isn’t thing caller for Oz, who has been criticized by chap physicians since a 2014 study revealed that much than fractional of his aesculapian proposal was flat-out wrong.

In 2015, a radical of salient doctors urged Columbia University’s aesculapian dean to region Oz from the aesculapian school’s faculty, saying that helium was “guilty of either outrageous conflicts of involvement oregon flawed judgements astir what constitutes due aesculapian treatments, oregon both.”

Judging by the effect to Fetterman’s ad, galore Twitter users consciousness the aforesaid way.

There are galore reasons to ballot against @DrOz, similar that he's an retired of interaction fraud who lives inJersey, eats asparagus and tequila crudite and doesn't springiness a damn astir you, but the fig 1 crushed for maine is that he's a snake lipid salesman who peddles fake cures for cash.

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) September 12, 2022

I was a low-Oz-information citizen. I vaguely knew helium existed connected daytime TV, but I had nary thought this was the connection helium was delivering. Take a infinitesimal and ticker this video. Oz would beryllium atrocious medicine successful the Senate.

— Paul Begala (@PaulBegala) September 12, 2022

had to recognize however an evident charlatan has a accidental to go senator. If Oz were to beryllium elected, it would beryllium similar rewarding deception.

— Leonidas Platanias, MD (@LeonidasPlatan1) September 12, 2022
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