John Fetterman Uses An Adam Levine Sext To Troll Dr. Oz — And It Rocks

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Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman shared a substance reportedly sent by accused philanderer Adam Levine to mock his GOP hostile Mehmet Oz. (See it below.)

An Instagram exemplary alleged this week that the joined Maroon 5 frontman carried connected an matter with her. Levine admitted helium crossed the line, but denied intersexual involvement. Then provocative messages from Levine emerged that were directed astatine different women.

In 1 of them, Levine purportedly expresses his desire for the woman’s derriere ― and Fetterman converted that into commentary connected Oz’s campaign.

Fetterman’s squad has maintained a watercourse of digs astatine Oz on Twitter, mocking the erstwhile TV doctor’s usage of the connection “crudité” and his expected carpetbagging successful Pennsylvania aft longtime residences successful New Jersey.

But Fetterman has taken immoderate jabs, too. Oz and his run squad person questioned his fittingness for bureau aft a stroke.

“If John Fetterman had ever eaten a rootlike successful his life, past possibly helium wouldn’t person had a large changeable and wouldn’t beryllium successful the presumption of having to prevarication astir it constantly,” an Oz staffer sniped.

John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz
John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz


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