John Oliver Dubs Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 'Right-Wing Dips**t Who's Scared Of Gay People'

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John Oliver took a look Sunday astatine however Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is trying to marque Disney World wage much taxes for each the incorrect reasons.

DeSantis signed a measure past month that volition dissolve Disney World’s backstage authorities status, which has allowed the Walt Disney Corporation to self-govern its monolithic Orlando taxable parkland and edifice complex. Set up successful 1967, this presumption was utilized to entice Disney to make the tract successful cardinal Florida, frankincense saving it millions successful yearly fees and taxes.

DeSantis’ latest determination was wide considered to beryllium retaliation for Disney executives’ belated captious stance of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ legislation, known arsenic the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which passed successful March.

“Look, bash I deliberation it’s atrocious if Disney pays much taxes? No, I don’t,” Oliver said connected “Last Week Tonight.” “That would beryllium a bully thing. I don’t emotion that it mightiness hap not done meaningful taxation reform, but connected the whim of 1 right-wing dipshit who’s frightened of cheery radical and doesn’t recognize the First Amendment. But hey ― ends, means ― what are you going to do?”

Watch much of his commentary below:

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