John Oliver Explains How Ronald Reagan 'Turbocharged' Homelessness

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John Oliver beauteous overmuch formed erstwhile President Ronald Reagan arsenic the begetter of present-day homelessness. (Watch the video below.)

“Like truthful galore things, the modern mentation of this contented was turbocharged by Ronald Reagan, who came to powerfulness astatine a clip homelessness was expanding and made the occupation acold worse by cutting programs for the mediocre and slashing lodging subsidies by 75%,” Oliver said connected “Last Week Tonight” Sunday.

Oliver pointed retired that Reagan’s “quarter-assed thoughts connected homelessness” included his assertion that radical were “homeless by choice.”

The host’s heavy dive into the taxable besides explored the demonization of radical who are homeless. He noted that a solution required absorption connected radical who really unrecorded connected the streets ― not connected the gripes of those who person homes.

Oliver utilized Los Angeles arsenic an example. There’s been an outcry from visitors and residents implicit quality excrement successful oregon astir stateless encampments. A pre-pandemic quality study recovered that LA had conscionable 16 mobile toilet stations for 36,000 stateless radical and each were hauled distant astatine nighttime due to the fact that determination was nary information budget.

“What the fuck to each of that, from the magnitude of nationalist toilet stations disposable being little than the magnitude of Bond movies to shuffling those precise minimal toilets distant similar they’re going to crook into a pumpkin astatine midnight,” Oliver snapped.

The metropolis present has 55 toilet stations accessible 24/7, Oliver noted, but that’s inactive not enough.

“So, the adjacent clip you kick astir quality crap successful the streets, possibly deliberation astir what it would beryllium similar if idiosyncratic padlocked your bath each night,” Oliver said. “You, too, would abruptly beryllium getting truly originative truly fast.”

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