John Oliver Roasts 'Very Weird' Thing U.K. Store Did To Respect The Queen

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Apparently, a quiescent beep astatine the supermarket checkout is simply a motion of respect for the dead.

During an quality connected “Late Night With Seth Meyers” connected Monday, John Oliver chose a item from the “very weird 10 days” successful the U.K. since Queen Elizabeth II died.

“I deliberation they had successful Morrisons the supermarket ... apparently, they lowered the dependable of the beeps astatine the checkout retired of respect for the queen dying,” the British “Last Week Tonight” big said. “She hated beeps. As if idiosyncratic would’ve gone in, heard the regular beeps and said, ‘Have immoderate fucking respect! She’s lying successful state!’”

A number of U.K. businesses raised eyebrows oregon faced mockery for their bewildering tributes to the precocious monarch. Morrisons did so crook down its checkout beeps and switched disconnected in-store announcements and music. British Cycling, the governing assemblage for the sport, advised radical not to thrust their bicycles connected the time of the queen’s funeral. And Heathrow Airport adjusted its docket and diverted flights to to debar sound being heard during the ceremonial and coffin procession.

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