Judge Blocks Indiana Abortion Ban Week After It Took Effect

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana justice connected Thursday blocked the state’s termination prohibition from being enforced, putting the caller instrumentality connected clasp arsenic termination session operators reason that it violates the authorities constitution.

Owen County Judge Kelsey Hanlon issued a preliminary injunction against the prohibition that took effect 1 week ago. The injunction was sought by termination session operators who argued successful a suit that the authorities constitution protects entree to the aesculapian procedure.

The prohibition was approved by the state’s Republican-dominated Legislature connected Aug. 5 and signed by GOP Gov. Eric Holcomb. That made Indiana the archetypal authorities to enact tighter termination restrictions since the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated national termination protections by overturning Roe v. Wade successful June.

The justice wrote “there is tenable likelihood that this important regularisation of idiosyncratic autonomy offends the liberty guarantees of the Indiana Constitution” and that the clinics volition prevail successful the lawsuit.

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