Judge In Italy Reportedly Extends Hotel Detention For Film Director Paul Haggis

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BRINDISI, Italy (AP) — A justice successful confederate Italy connected Wednesday ordered Academy Award-winning movie manager Paul Haggis to stay nether detention astatine his edifice portion Italian prosecutors proceed to analyse a woman’s allegations that helium had enactment with her implicit 2 days without her consent, Italian quality reports said.

After conducting a proceeding that lasted respective hours successful the Brindisi courthouse, Judge Vilma Gilli issued the ruling that extends his detention for present successful the edifice successful the municipality of Ostuni, wherever helium was expected to enactment successful an arts festival this week, Corriere della Sera regular reported.

Calls Wednesday evening to Villi’s bureau went unanswered.

The Ansa and LaPresse quality agencies said Villi had concluded that portion the 69-year-old Haggis, who lives successful the United States, isn’t a formation risk, determination was the “danger” grounds could beryllium compromised oregon that the alleged transgression could beryllium repeated.

Haggis’ lawyer, Michele Laforgia, said aft the proceeding that his lawsuit reiterated his full innocence and is successful “hopeful expectation” that helium volition beryllium yet vindicated.

“Paul Haggis answered each questions and explained what happened,” Laforgia told reporters extracurricular the courthouse. “He declared himself, arsenic helium had already done close aft the detention, wholly innocent, successful the consciousness that the enactment helium had with this pistillate was wholly consensual.”

While the woman’s allegations are investigated, the 69-year-old Canadian-born director, shaper and screenwriter was initially ordered connected Sunday to enactment detained successful his impermanent residence successful a farmhouse successful Ostuni, a fashionable tourer municipality successful Puglia, the portion forming the “heel” of the Italian peninsula.

Prosecutors person said helium is nether probe for alleged aggravated intersexual unit and aggravated idiosyncratic injuries.

Prosecutors person described the pistillate arsenic young and foreign. State TV and different Italian media said she is simply a 30-year-old Englishwoman who had known Haggis earlier helium came to Ostuni to enactment successful an arts festival that began this week.

Haggis co-wrote, directed and produced “Crash,” which won the 2006 Academy Awards for champion representation and champion screenplay. He besides wrote the screenplay for “Million Dollar Baby,” different Oscar winner.

He has had ineligible problems successful caller years stemming from intersexual misconduct accusations by 4 women successful the United States.

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