Judge recommends no new trial for Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed

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A Bastrop County, Texas, justice  has recommended that determination   beryllium  nary  caller   proceedings  for Rodney Reed, who has been connected  decease  enactment      for decades and maintains his innocence.

(CNN)A Bastrop County, Texas, justice has recommended that decease enactment inmate Rodney Reed not get a caller trial, according to tribunal documents.

"The Court has extensively considered the full grounds of this lawsuit from its proceedings done the 10 time evidentiary hearing, astatine which the tribunal was capable to observe witnesses and measure their credibility concerning Applicant's claims. This tribunal recommends that alleviation sought by the Applicant beryllium denied," the proposal signed by Judge J.D. Langley connected Sunday said.

Texas appeals tribunal  blocks Rodney Reed execution

"Applicant has not proven by wide and convincing grounds that nary tenable juror would person convicted him of superior murder," Langley wrote. "Applicant has not proven by wide and convincing grounds that helium is really innocent."

Reed, who was sentenced to decease much than 20 years agone for the assault, rape, and strangling of 19-year-old Stacey Stites, has maintained his innocence.

Reed, who is Black, was convicted by an all-White jury, according to the Innocence Project, a ineligible enactment that helps inmates beryllium their innocence done DNA tests.

The radical has said the execution limb was ne'er tested for DNA evidence, that forensic experts admitted to errors successful their testimony, and that a erstwhile situation inmate claims idiosyncratic other confessed to the execution that sent Reed to prison, among different exonerating claims.

The case has agreed lawmakers, spiritual leaders, and celebrities specified arsenic Oprah, Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna successful Reed's defense.

In 2019, Reed was granted a stay of execution conscionable days earlier his scheduled execution day of November 20, 2019. The enactment meant the lawsuit would spell backmost to a authorities justice successful Bastrop County, wherever Reed was convicted.

The outcry to halt  the execution of Texas decease  enactment      inmate Rodney Reed is growing. The enactment    has 'bolstered him,' his lawyer  says

Since Reed's 1998 trial, "substantial grounds exonerates Rodney," the Innocence Project said, successful July.

"Rodney Reed's ineligible squad presented its lawsuit that Mr. Reed deserves a caller proceedings successful airy of recently discovered grounds that supports his innocence claim. At the proceeding earlier District Judge J.D. Langley, his ineligible squad besides presented grounds that prosecutors had withheld grounds and experts had fixed misleading grounds astatine Mr. Reed's archetypal proceedings successful 1998," the Innocence Project said.

Langley's proposal present goes backmost to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which volition determine whether Reed should beryllium granted a caller trial.

CNN has reached retired to the Innocence Project for remark connected Langley's recommendation.

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