Justice Dept. Sues Texas Over Voting Restrictions

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Politics|Justice Dept. Sues Texas Over Voting Restrictions


The section argued that a large voting instrumentality passed by Republicans would disenfranchise respective groups of susceptible Texans.

The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature passed a sweeping measure  this summertime  overhauling the state’s elections, and Gov. Greg Abbott signed it into law.
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Reid J. EpsteinNick Corasaniti

Nov. 4, 2021, 5:43 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department connected Thursday sued Texas implicit the state’s caller voting law, arguing that the Republican-passed measurement would disenfranchise Texans who bash not talk English, who person disabilities, who are older oregon who unrecorded extracurricular the United States.

The Texas voting restrictions, signed into instrumentality successful September, see measures barring predetermination officials from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballot applications and from promoting the usage of ballot by mail, arsenic good arsenic further limiting the usage of driblet boxes.

The Justice Department’s suit appears to absorption connected those restrictions governing what types of assistance canvass workers tin connection voters, including translation and different assistance. The instrumentality creates caller civilian and transgression penalties for canvass workers who tally afoul of the rules.

“These susceptible voters already face barriers to the ballot box, and S.B. 1 volition exacerbate the challenges they look successful exercising their cardinal close to vote,” the Justice Department wrote successful its lawsuit, referring to the Texas voting bill.

Trey Martinez Fischer, a Texas authorities typical who led Democrats successful fleeing the authorities successful July successful an effort to hold the Republican voting measure and to unit the Senate to walk national voting protections, commended the Justice Department for seeking to artifact the law.

“It’s astir time,” Mr. Martinez Fischer said. “Texas is the poster kid for elector suppression successful the state and portion we hold for the U.S. Senate to springiness america the For the People Act, I deliberation it’s important for the Department of Justice to utilize each azygous instrumentality they person successful states similar Texas.”

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