Justin Bieber Cancels Remaining Tour Dates Because Of Health Concerns

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Justin Bieber canceled the remaining dates connected his circuit to woody with lingering wellness concerns, helium announced Tuesday.

“Earlier this year, I went nationalist astir my conflict with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, wherever my look was partially paralyzed,” the vocalist said successful a connection posted connected societal media. “As the effect of this illness, I was not capable to implicit the North America limb of the Justice Tour.”

Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs erstwhile the varicella-zoster microorganism ― which besides causes chickenhearted pox and shingles ― infects a nervus successful the head. Treatment often involves steroids and/or antiviral medicines arsenic good arsenic facial exercises.

Bieber returned to the performance stage aboriginal past period successful Italy and performed respective shows since, including past play astatine Brazil’s Rock successful Rio festival.

The performances “took a existent toll connected me,” helium said.

He added, “After getting disconnected stage, the exhaustion overtook maine and I realized that I request to marque my wellness the precedence close now. So I’m going to instrumentality a interruption from touring for the clip being. I’m going to beryllium OK, but I request clip to remainder and get better.”

No caller circuit dates person been announced.

Justin Bieber has officially suspended the remaining of his “Justice World Tour”. Check successful with your constituent of acquisition for refunds for your amusement dates. pic.twitter.com/W0gmaEUdCY

— Justice Tour Updates (@JusticeTourNews) September 6, 2022
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