Justin Bieber suspends tour to take care of his health

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(CNN)Justin Bieber announced Tuesday that helium needs to instrumentality different interruption from touring successful the aftermath of a wellness situation helium suffered earlier this year.

Bieber, who had resumed his Justice World Tour successful July, said successful his enactment that aft sharing that helium had the syndrome, which near his look partially paralyzed, helium was capable to implicit the North American information of his performance tour.

    Justin Bieber is resuming his circuit  aft  aesculapian  situation

    "After resting and consulting with my doctors, household and team, I went to Europe successful an effort to proceed the tour," the connection reads. "I performed six unrecorded shows, but it truly took a existent toll connected me."

      Following a show astatine Rock successful Rio successful Brazil, Bieber wrote, "the exhaustion overtook maine and I realized that I request to marque my wellness the precedence close now."

        "So I'm going to instrumentality a interruption from touring for the clip being," according to the statement. "I'm going to beryllium ok, but I request clip to remainder and get better."

        According to the Mayo Clinic, Ramsay Hunt syndrome "occurs erstwhile a shingles outbreak affects the facial nervus adjacent 1 of your ears. In summation to the achy shingles rash, Ramsay Hunt syndrome tin origin facial paralysis and proceeding nonaccomplishment successful the affected ear."

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