Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson 'Meet Cute' in a 'Groundhog Day'-style rom-com

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Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson conscionable   (again and again) successful  'Meet Cute.'

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Time-traveling romance has a spotty past (just ask HBO), but similar “Groundhog Day,” that doesn’t halt variations connected the taxable from happening again and again. Enter “Meet Cute,” an unhelpfully-generic rubric for a movie astir notable for pairing Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson, successful a conception with hardly capable nutrient for a “Black Mirror” episode, which apt explains its accomplishment via Peacock.

Cuoco’s Sheila approaches Davidson’s Gary successful a bar, and the 2 walk a romanticist nighttime unneurotic getting to cognize each other, adjacent if her behaviour occasionally feels a spot off. That’s earlier she explains that she has entree to a clip instrumentality (located astatine her section nail salon, for immoderate reason), allowing her to question backmost a day, implicit and implicit again, reliving and revising their archetypal date.

Although Gary is understandably skeptical, he’s besides irresistibly drawn to her. “We conscionable work,” Sheila tells him, a mentation that she tin enactment to the test, implicit and over, altering the quality of their enactment successful tiny and not-so-small ways and seeing however it plays out.

The look is evidently afloat of potential, which explains wherefore writers support returning to it, from “50 First Dates” to the caller Andy Samberg movie “Palm Springs.” Yet the conception is besides fraught with peril, opening with the vaguely cruel facet the longer the script drags connected (even successful a 90-minute movie) and the question of however to interruption escaped from the ellipse successful immoderate originative way, a situation that “Meet Cute” (directed by Alex Lehmann from Noga Pnueli’s screenplay) can’t wholly overcome.

“It’s OK for things to beryllium messy sometimes,” Sheila tells Gary, a enactment that possesses immoderate value successful the larger story, but which doesn’t needfully use rather arsenic good successful this benignant of exercise.

Having followed “The Big Bang Theory” with a breakout conveyance (for a season, anyway) successful “The Flight Attendant,” Cuoco has demonstrated her chops arsenic a shaper and star, and she’s truly the absorption of the story. As for Davidson, he’s recovered no shortage of movie roles, but the “Saturday Night Live” alumnus seems trapped successful a antithetic benignant of loop, 1 that inactive makes him much celebrated for his off-screen relationships than his nonrecreational endeavors.

Frankly, conscionable the marquee worth of their teaming astir apt represents a humble triumph for NBC’s streaming service. That said, it would person been bully if “Meet Cute” had done a small much to capitalize connected the attention, though arsenic it stands, there’s nary going backmost successful clip to hole that.

“Meet Cute” premieres September 21 connected Peacock.

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