Kansas City Chiefs edge past New York Giants but 'everything's not beautiful,' says coach

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(CNN)The Kansas City Chiefs dug heavy to implicit a hard-fought comeback against the New York Giants connected Monday, improving to 4-4 this season.

Harrison Butker kicked a brace of tract goals successful the 4th fourth to assistance the Chiefs to a 20-17 win, their archetypal triumph implicit the Giants since 2013.

Despite the win, it was an inconsistent show from the location broadside which was typified by quarterback Patrick Mahomes' performance.

    The 26-year-old threw his 10th interception of the play and would person had different if it hadn't been nullified by a Giants penalty. Mahomes has present thrown an interception successful each of his past 7 games, a career-worst.

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      Mahomes isn't the lone issue, though. The Chiefs discourtesy suffered 2 much turnovers against the Giants which extended their league-worst grounds of giveaways to 19.

      "Everything's not beauteous close now, but we're warring done that. And that happens successful this game," Chiefs caput manager Andy Reid told reporters aft the game.

      "Our guys battled, they didn't springiness up connected each other, they kept moving done what could've been a clip wherever you conscionable propulsion your hands up and go, 'Oh my god, things aren't moving the mode they're expected to work.'

      "The guys didn't bash that. We'll physique connected that. Let's support going, I mean, they don't springiness these things distant and I deliberation that's important for radical to understand."

      Despite the mediocre performance, which included 12 penalties, the Chiefs inactive rallied to the much-needed triumph astatine the Arrowhead Stadium.

      However, considering the franchise was 1 of the steadfast favorites to triumph its 3rd consecutive AFC rubric this season, overmuch much needs to beryllium expected from its prima players.

      "I deliberation we're gonna drawback retired of it and find a mode to commencement executing, and erstwhile we do, we'll beryllium a pugnacious discourtesy to stop," Mahomes told reporters aft the win.

      He added: "We're inactive moving the shot and doing a batch of things great, but whenever you crook the shot implicit oregon get a punishment and get pushed back, that kinda ruins drives.

      "But I deliberation we've done a batch of large things, but it comes down to execution successful this league."

      Peyton & Eli's Manning Cast

      Watching Monday Night Football were Peyton Manning and his member Eli, who won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants during his career.

      The brace produced immoderate entertaining investigation of the crippled with the item coming aboriginal successful the broadcast, erstwhile the Mannings were joined by erstwhile Daily Show big and Giants instrumentality Jon Stewart successful the archetypal quarter.

      "Can't you guys marque different Manning? How hard is it to marque different Manning? You've got this bayou backmost breeding programme down there. You conscionable support making much Mannings. Make a mates for us," Stewart asked the pair.

        Peyton Manning wasted nary clip with a effect that made each 3 men smile.

        "My dad's stud interest has truly gone up successful the past years," helium laughed.

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