Kanye West Lists His Wyoming Ranch for Sale

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Two years ago, the rapper acceptable into question a program to crook Cody, Wyo., into a mill municipality for his company. Now, helium whitethorn beryllium saying goodbye to each that.

A motion   extracurricular  the airdrome  successful  Cody, Wyo.
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Jonah E. Bromwich

Oct. 12, 2021, 5:11 p.m. ET

The Kanye West epoch successful Cody, Wyo., whitethorn beryllium coming to an end.

The Wyoming ranch that the rap superstar bought successful 2019 was enactment up for merchantability this week, signaling that Mr. West’s plans to crook the sleepy tourer metropolis of astir 10,000 into a mill municipality for his company, Yeezy, are astir arsenic apt to materialize arsenic his election to the presidency.

A listing for the ranch helium owns was posted this week connected the website of a section realtor, DBW Realty, with a terms of $11 million. The listing, which referred to the spot arsenic Monster Lake Ranch — its sanction earlier the rapper purchased it — made nary notation of Mr. West, though it did advertise the ranch’s go-kart way and freshwater “trophy trout fishing” connected site. The spot is 3,888 acres, according to the listing.

Though the listing was posted Monday, it had been wide to galore of the town’s residents for immoderate clip that Mr. West, who bought the spot astir precisely 2 years ago, mightiness not beryllium readying connected extending his stay.

Earlier this year, helium began to merchantability the four-wheelers that helium and his present estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West, rode successful an aboriginal video clip filmed successful the area, said Kellen Whitehead, a income manager astatine Whitlock Motors successful Cody.

And astir 3 weeks ago, Mr. West sold his fleet of Ford Raptor trucks backmost to the Fremont Motor Company, the institution confirmed.

Mr. Whitehead, who helped Mr. West customize 1 of those Raptors, said helium had not seen the rapper successful a year. Asked if helium was amazed oregon irritated that Mr. West seems to person near without making bully connected the promises helium made astir investing successful the town, Mr. Whitehead gave the verbal equivalent of a shrug.

“Six cardinal dollars,” helium said, importantly exaggerating Mr. West’s reported nett worth. “He does what helium wants. It’s conscionable that benignant of lifestyle.”

Mr. West began traveling to Wyoming regularly astir 4 years ago, soon aft experiencing what was characterized connected a dispatch telephone arsenic a “psychiatric emergency.” He recorded his eighth workplace album, “Ye,” successful Wyoming, holding a memorable listening party for that medium adjacent Jackson.


Credit...Ryan Dorgan for The New York Times

But yet helium bought spot successful Cody, a much Republican-leaning municipality named for Buffalo Bill Cody, wherever onshore is importantly cheaper. While there, Mr. West made a fig of extravagant claims astir his plans for the area, saying that helium would bring much-needed manufacturing jobs to the municipality and unfastened a store there.

He was a regular beingness successful municipality for months aft his arrival, residents said successful interviews past January. He was a predominant impermanent astatine the Cody Steakhouse, a edifice connected the town’s main street, and helium and Ms. Kardashian West paid visits to the Boot Barn and different businesses, buying covering and jewelry. He held 1 of his Sunday Service concerts astatine the Buffalo Bill Center of the West successful September 2019.

Residents said Tuesday that they had seen little of Mr. West successful 2020, peculiarly aft past July erstwhile helium began to publically sermon his efforts to beryllium elected president.

Zac Taylor, the quality exertion of the Cody Enterprise, said that neither helium nor anyone other contiguous successful a newsroom of 4 connected Tuesday afternoon, had seen the rapper since then. (The Enterprise published its story connected the ranch listing astatine noon connected Monday; Mr. Taylor’s wife, who works astatine a existent property company, gave him the tip.)

Mr. Taylor was ambivalent astir the rapper’s two-year enactment successful town, saying that his steadfast had asked successful a gathering aboriginal connected if Mr. West was going to marque a large splash oregon nary splash astatine all.

“I deliberation helium landed determination successful the middle,” Mr. Taylor said.

Matt Hall, the politician of Cody, said that helium had not talked to Mr. West for astatine slightest 8 months, “since anterior to erstwhile helium started to person immoderate of his marital issues with Kim,” referring to Mr. West’s divided from his woman of astir 7 years. Ms. West filed for divorcement successful May.

Mayor Hall confessed to immoderate disappointment that his astir celebrated constituent seemed to beryllium pulling up stakes, saying that helium had been hopeful that “from an economical improvement standpoint, it would enactment retired for a bit.”

But overall, Mayor Hall said, helium did not deliberation that the rapper’s departure would impact the assemblage negatively.

“When idiosyncratic similar that leaves, it’s unfortunate,” helium said. “But I deliberation we’ll each determination on.”

Anna P. Kambhampaty contributed reporting.

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