Kanye West Says He Wants To 'Make Clothing Free' Amid Battle With Gap

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Kanye West’s latest endeavor could instrumentality the manner manufacture successful a caller direction.

During a caller interrogation with Forbes, the “Donda” rapper revealed his plans for an ultra-affordable Ye Supply Store, wherever pieces would commencement astatine $20.

His connection comes amid his brewing conflict with Gap, wherever helium sold pieces with his Yeezy brand. He precocious blasted the institution for upselling his pieces compared to its emblematic collections.

West, who legally changed his sanction to Ye, said helium wasn’t capable to acceptable the prices connected the items, and wanted pieces to beryllium disposable astatine $20. The rapper said Gap made the determination to terms them overmuch higher.

Sharing his plans for the forthcoming inexpensive store, West said that his eventual extremity is to “make covering free.”

“When it’s sold successful America, it’ll beryllium made successful America, and erstwhile it’s sold successful China, it’ll beryllium manufactured successful China,” helium said.

“So the glasses volition outgo $20, and everything successful the Ye Supply store volition beryllium $20. And, we’re moving connected however to marque covering free. Because beingness is free,” helium added, referring to his futuristic-looking YZY SHDS sunglasses helium teased past month.

“It’s our work and pleasance to crook these dreams into reality, to simplify things, and supply much country for radical to imagine, [not] constricting oregon enforcing ideas,” helium added.

Last week, West called off his lucrative concern with Gap aft 2 years, citing the conflicting terms points and mediocre connection with the brand.

“Gap’s important noncompliance with its contractual obligations has been costly,” West’s lawyer Nicholas Gravante told CNN successful a connection connected Thursday, alleging the concatenation had failed to unfastened Yeezy-branded stores arsenic portion of their partnership.

“Ye volition present promptly determination guardant to marque up for mislaid clip by opening Yeezy retail stores,” Gravante said, aft stating West was near with “no prime but to terminate their collaboration.”

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