Kate Hudson Adorably Confirms ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ Theory About Her Hair

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Kate Hudson proved to beryllium a chopped supra erstwhile she decided to respond straight to a fan’s mentation astir her character’s hairsbreadth successful “How to Lose a Guy successful 10 Days.”

TikTok idiosyncratic Raven Stone projected a mentation successful a now-viral video astir the deeper meaning down Andie Anderson’s hairstyles successful the beloved 2003 rom-com.

And it seems aft Hudson caught upwind of his mentation astir her locks, she decided that she wouldn’t tease him aft helium asked her straight to respond to his thoughts.

She posted a duet connected TikTok with his mentation and yet gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

“I couldn’t assistance but announcement that Andie’s hairsbreadth is consecutive for astir of the movie. Straight, each azygous clip we spot her researching her article,” helium noted successful the video.

In the film, Andie, a frustrated proposal columnist who is sick of penning fluff “how-to” pieces for her magazine, decides to propulsion the boundaries of what she tin constitute and pitches the thought “How to Lose a Guy successful 10 Days.” She finds a people named Benjamin “Ben” Barry (Matthew McConaughey) and past tries to get him to dump her by being overly emotional. The full clip she’s moving connected her portion — oregon playing the relation of the needy woman — her hairsbreadth is styled straight.

“But we cognize that Andie Anderson doesn’t privation to beryllium Andie Anderson, ‘how to’ girl. She wants to constitute astir worldly that matters, similar authorities and existent affairs,” Raven Stone, whose full TikTok is dedicated to analyzing fashionable movies, said. “Sure enough, each azygous clip her hairsbreadth is curly, she is vulnerable, her walls are down, she is real. She’s not Andie Anderson, ‘how to’ girl. She is Andie Anderson, writer.”

Since Hudson was benignant capable to respond to his queries, we’re wondering if Alexandra and Parker Fong — the twins who played Lily successful the “Sex and the City” movie — could respond to this blistery instrumentality next?:

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