KC Black Restaurant Week bringing exposure to several local restaurants

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – It was a engaged Saturday successful the room for District Fish and Pasta House, owed successful portion to Black Restaurant Week.

It’s a clip erstwhile galore Black-owned restaurants get immoderate other exposure.

“Last twelvemonth was good, but this twelvemonth is simply a small better. This twelvemonth I’m getting much people,” said Kiraameen Khalifah.

District Fish and Pasta archetypal opened successful the mediate of Covid-19 shutdowns successful 2020. It became an hold of a household business.

“This utilized to beryllium a Lutfi’s Fried Fish. They closed and I re-opened arsenic District Fish and Pasta,” Khalifah said.

Since then, Khalifah has whipped up one-of-a-kind dishes you can’t find anyplace other successful the metropolis and helium won’t beryllium stopping anytime soon.

“It’s paying off. The struggles, the agelong days and agelong nights. Seeing this present is like, ‘okay, it’s working. It’s working,’” said Khalifah.

Dozens of Kansas City restaurants are participating successful Black Restaurant Week.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, little than 20% of businesses are minority-owned, truthful Black Restaurant Week is an accidental to springiness restaurants a adjuvant boost.

Find a database of participating restaurants here.

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