Kelly Clarkson reunites with 'American Idol' judges at Walk of Fame event

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Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell , Kelly Clarkson, and Paula Abdul be  The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony for Kelly Clarkson connected  Monday.

CNN  — 

Kelly Clarkson isn’t forgetting her roots.

The vocalist and talk-show big was joined by her “American Idol” household astatine the unveiling of her Hollywood Walk of Fame prima connected Monday. The archetypal judging panel, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, each attended.

Cowell praised Clarkson and each she’s accomplished since winning the singing contention successful its inaugural season.

“We were conscionable talking astir the infinitesimal erstwhile you sang ‘Respect,’ and we each looked astatine each other, and it was like, ‘Oh. My. God. Thank you,’” Cowell said.

He continued: “What was astonishing from that infinitesimal was, is that you’re not messing around. You’re gonna instrumentality this opportunity, and you’re gonna get each the mode to the end, and past erstwhile you get to the end, it’s conscionable beginning. And I retrieve that infinitesimal erstwhile your sanction was called and I was honestly reasoning to myself, ‘Thanks to you, we whitethorn person different season.’ I tin honestly accidental to you, ‘Thanks to you, I’m present today.’”

Clarkson’s mother, her daughter, River, 8 and son, Remington, 6, were besides determination to enactment her. She thanked her household and friends for being determination during her career.

“From the beginning, with Idol, each 3 of you were precise honorable with me…I conscionable wanted to accidental convey you, to beryllium surrounded – adjacent my set connected the road, my family, similar past night, we’re listening to my caller medium and telling maine what they love, what they don’t emotion – and I person radical similar that, and I deliberation it’s important to person not conscionable ‘yes’ people, but radical that really emotion you, and attraction astir you and springiness their honorable advice, and I’ve ever welcomed that,” Clarkson said. “And I deliberation that is wherefore I’m present today.”

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