Kenan Thompson plans to keep the 'energy up' at the Emmys

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Kenan Thompson, performing present  successful  June, volition  big   the Emmy Awards adjacent  week.

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It appears that Kenan Thompson is going to effort and get by without a small assistance from his friends.

In an interrogation with the Los Angeles Times, Thompson said helium has not asked his “SNL” costars Michael Che and Colin Jost for tips connected hosting the Emmys (Che and Jost hosted successful 2018).

“I person not been successful interaction with them, necessarily,” Thompson told the publication. “I’m going to beryllium beauteous straightforward — a bully monologue and keeping the vigor up volition beryllium my approach. I bask honoring artistry and creativity.”

He volition big the 74th Emmy Awards connected NBC Monday and feels “great” astir the upcoming gig.

“There’s a large squad that’s involved. I decidedly don’t consciousness similar I’m floating retired determination by myself,” Thompson said. “I’m truly excited astir it. There’s immoderate large pieces coming together.”

He besides talked astir his 20 years connected “SNL” (he’s present the astir elder formed member), with multiple formed members departing aft past season.

Thompson told the Times helium has nary plans to leave.

“I support joking that they volition person to propulsion maine retired of determination 1 of these days,” helium said. “I’ve ne'er been successful a concern wherever I’m invited backmost an exuberant magnitude of times.”

Unlike others, helium hasn’t had to marque the determination to portion with the long-running precocious nighttime sketch amusement due to the fact that of conflicts with different projects, including his precocious canceled bid “Kenan,” which ran for 2 seasons.

“They determination connected erstwhile they’re successful precocious request and it’s not imaginable to bash some schedule-wise,” Thompson said. “That’s erstwhile radical marque that pugnacious vocation decision. My opportunities person been manageable truthful far, truthful I person not been forced to marque that determination yet.”

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards volition aerial astatine 8 p.m. EST connected NBC.

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