Kenya's Ruto tells Amanpour 'Kenyatta has not seen fit to congratulate me'

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(CNN)Kenya's President-elect William Ruto has told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that helium volition enactment to unify the state pursuing a constrictive predetermination win, arsenic good arsenic playing an progressive relation successful solving East Africa's information and humanitarian issues.

Speaking connected Amanpour's amusement successful an exclusive interrogation Wednesday, Ruto said helium had already reached retired to his predetermination rival Raila Odinga, and said helium would physique alliances that volition assistance to bring the state together.

"The medication that I'm going to tally is going to beryllium an medication that is going to service each Kenyans equally, whether they voted for america oregon they did not," said Ruto, whose triumph was confirmed by a Supreme Court ruling connected Monday.

    Who is Kenya's caller   President-elect William Ruto?

    Ruto, 55, won with 50.49% of the ballot against Odinga's 48.85% successful past month's election, which passed disconnected calmly contempt Kenya's caller past of governmental violence, including the sidesplitting of astir 1,500 radical successful the aftermath of the December 2007 election.

      Asked astir the peaceful proceedings, Ruto said that the concern has been improving since 2007, and the adjacent predetermination volition beryllium adjacent better.

      "I deliberation it speaks to the bosom of the maturity of the ideology of our country," helium said. "No citizen, nary person wants their state to beryllium celebrated for violence."

      "We tin spell to an election, we tin determine who our leaders are and the adjacent time we tin spell backmost to work," helium added. "That is the modular we person raised for ourselves arsenic the radical of Kenya, I americium precise arrogant of it."

        Amanpour aboriginal asked whether outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, who supported Odinga's predetermination bid contempt Ruto being his vice-president, had been successful interaction since the election.

        "Unfortunately, President Kenyatta has not seen it acceptable to congratulate me," helium said. "Maybe he's a spot disillusioned oregon possibly he's unhappy that I defeated his candidate, but that is the quality of politics."

        Among those who person contacted Ruto are a fig of satellite leaders, and helium says helium told them not to expect "a large shift" successful Kenya's overseas policy.

        "I mean to standard up the information of Kenya successful galore of the areas, particularly successful our determination bid initiatives," said Ruto.

        "I volition beryllium available, I volition play my part, I volition standard up Kenya's lasting and publication successful that abstraction truthful that unneurotic we tin lend to a better, a overmuch much peaceful neighborhood."

        Among those challenges is Somalia, with has longstanding information issues and present a looming famine.

        "Somalia is simply a hard seed to crack," said Ruto, who said helium has worked with the country's newly-elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud successful the past.

        "We are looking guardant to moving with him and with the planetary assemblage truthful that we tin quadrate retired the challenges successful Somalia, marque it imaginable for Somalia to instrumentality attraction of its ain information concerns," said Ruto.

        No 'blame game' connected atom blockade

        Humanitarian issues are besides connected the agenda, and Ruto told Amanpour that helium volition enactment for a peaceful solution to the struggle successful Ukraine successful bid to let much atom shipments from the state to scope East Africa.

        Ruto plans to boost atom accumulation locally and regionally, helium said, portion refusing to constituent the digit astatine Moscow implicit the shortages.

        "I bash not deliberation blasted crippled would assistance successful that equation," helium said.

        Kenya's apical  tribunal  confirms William Ruto's triumph  successful  statesmanlike  ballot

        Amanpour aboriginal quizzed Ruto connected quality rights, peculiarly his erstwhile comments that determination was "no room" for homosexuality successful Kenyan society.

        "I americium precise wide that we respect everybody and what they judge in, but we besides person what we judge successful and we expect to beryllium respected for what we judge in," said Ruto, who said helium does not deliberation that LGBTQ rights are an important taxable for Kenyans.

        "We bash not privation to make a upland retired of a molehill," helium said, adding that helium prefers to absorption his efforts connected unemployment and hunger. "When it becomes a large contented for the radical of Kenya, the radical of Kenya volition marque a choice."

        Amanpour besides pressed Ruto connected his arguable committedness to deport Chinese radical from Kenya, but the President-elect argued that helium had been taken retired of context.

        He was referring to Chinese radical who enactment without a permit, said Ruto.

          "Everybody volition bash business, everybody volition bash immoderate they privation to bash truthful agelong arsenic they are doing it wrong the law," helium said.

          "Anybody that operates extracurricular the law, it doesn't substance wherever they travel from, they volition beryllium sent backmost from wherever they came from."

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