Key questions remain after death of second Canada stabbing suspect, who police say might be responsible for 10 victim fatalities

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'Blades, not bullets': Timeline of wide stabbing successful Canada

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Three days aft a brutal wide stabbing devastated a agrarian Indigenous assemblage successful Saskatchewan, the 2 brothers who were wanted successful the convulsive attacks are dead, though witnesser accounts bespeak that 1 of the men, Myles Sanderson, was liable for the deaths of 10 of the victims, according to a instrumentality enforcement official.

Myles Sanderson died Wednesday aft experiencing “medical distress” pursuing his arrest, Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore announced astatine a property conference. His member Damien Sanderson was recovered dormant the time aft the attacks, constabulary said previously.

Myles Sanderson had been charged with archetypal grade murder, attempted execution and breaking and entering into a residence, the constabulary said Monday.

The brothers’ deaths reason a sweeping manhunt for the 2 suspects and leaves victims, loved ones and instrumentality enforcement puzzling implicit respective cardinal questions that are inactive unanswered – astir notably, what was the motive?

In effect to a reporter’s question asking whether Myles killed the 10 victims, Blackmore said, “Our witnesser accounts that we person received person indicated that Myles Sanderson was the idiosyncratic responsible,” though she noted the probe is inactive moving to corroborate precisely who was involved.

While a fuller representation of the convulsive attacks has travel together, determination is inactive small clarity connected the suspects’ relationships with the victims oregon the circumstances surrounding their deaths. And with some suspects dead, those details whitethorn ne'er afloat emerge, investigators say.

The stabbing spree near 10 victims dormant and 18 others injured. All but 1 of the victims beryllium to the Indigenous assemblage of the James Smith Cree Nation, authorities said. One of those killed was from the adjacent municipality of Weldon.

James Smith Cree Nation leaders declared a authorities of exigency Sunday successful effect to the attacks and constabulary issued exigency alerts urging radical successful Saskatchewan and the neighboring provinces of Manitoba and Alberta to instrumentality precautions, including sheltering successful spot successful immoderate communities.

Though the hunt for the suspects has concluded, investigators’ jobs are inactive not over, arsenic the immense transgression country stretches crossed much than a twelve locations and loved ones are inactive seeking answers arsenic they present look toward recovering from the tragedy

Here are the cardinal questions that inactive remain.

Police person said that immoderate of the victims look to person been targeted, portion others were random, but it is inactive unclear wherefore the attacks were carried out.

“Unfortunately present that Myles is deceased, we whitethorn ne'er person an knowing of that motivation,” Blackmore said Wednesday. She did not accidental that Damien Sanderson was nary longer a fishy successful the attacks.

Myles Sanderson had a lengthy transgression grounds and determination were aggregate warrants retired for his apprehension earlier the stabbings, according to police. He was granted statutory merchandise from situation by the Parole Board of Canada, according to a February 2022 ruling.

The ruling, provided to CNN by the Parole Board of Canada, said the committee decided Sanderson would “not contiguous an undue hazard to society” if released. The determination noted that a scientist assessed him arsenic having a “moderate hazard of violence.”

Police confirmed Monday that Myles Sanderson stopped gathering with his parole serviceman successful May, which was a usurpation of his parole conditions.

Damien Sanderson, left, and Myles Sanderson were wanted successful  transportation  with the stabbing attacks.

As the brothers are nary longer alive, “we whitethorn not cognize however immoderate things unfolded,” Blackmore said, responding to a reporter’s question astir however Damien Sanderson died.

The time aft the stabbings, Damien Sanderson was found dormant successful a heavy grassed area adjacent a location connected the James Smith Cree Nation, Blackmore has antecedently said. His injuries did not look to beryllium self-inflicted, she said.

Investigators person said they are moving to find if Myles Sanderson whitethorn person been progressive with his brother’s death.

After Damien’s death, Myles Sanderson was connected the tally for 2 much days until constabulary received a 911 telephone that led them to his arrest.

At astir 2:00 p.m., a breaking and entering was reported adjacent the municipality of Wakaw, which is astir 60 miles southeast of the James Smith Cree Nation, constabulary said. Officers received accusation that said Sanderson was lasting extracurricular a location successful the country and was equipped with a knife, constabulary said. The study indicated helium whitethorn person been injured, according to Blackmore. Investigators judge helium broke into a car earlier and stole a archetypal assistance kit, suggesting helium needed aesculapian aid, she added.

Sanderson stole a achromatic Chevrolet motortruck and fled the property, leaving the homeowner uninjured, according to authorities.

After an exigency alert was issued to the public, constabulary said they received implicit 20 calls successful little than an hr reporting imaginable sightings of the stolen truck.

At astir 3:30 p.m., the motortruck was spotted connected Highway 11, prompting a conveyance pursuit which ended erstwhile the car was “directed disconnected the roadworthy and into a adjacent ditch,” Blackmore said successful a statement. Sanderson, who was successful the truck, was arrested and a weapon was recovered successful the vehicle, she said.

Police and investigators stitchery  astatine  the country   wherever  Myles Sanderson was arrested connected  Wednesday.

Soon aft helium was taken into custody, Sanderson went into “medical distress” and was brought to a hospital, wherever helium was pronounced dead, Blackmore said. She did not supply further details astir his origin of death.

An autarkic probe volition beryllium conducted connected the in-custody decease and autopsies volition beryllium performed connected some brothers, she said.

Investigators are inactive moving to find what relationship, if any, the suspects had with the victims, astir of whom belonged to the aforesaid tiny federation community, authorities said.

Now that the Sanderson brothers tin nary longer origin harm, Blackmore said she hopes the victims’ loved ones tin crook towards the hard process of recovery.

“I anticipation that this brings them immoderate consciousness of closure successful that they tin remainder casual contiguous knowing that Myles Sanderson is nary longer a menace to them,” she said. “It is going to beryllium a precise agelong and extended (healing) process for those individuals. Some of them person witnessed unthinkable trauma.”

The 10 victims were identified by constabulary and Saskatchewan Coroner’s Service connected Wednesday. They ranged successful property from 23 to 78 years old.

Many of the victims stock the aforesaid past name, though officials declined to corroborate if they are related. Six of the victims stock the past sanction Burns, 2 stock the past sanction Head, and 1 shares the past sanction of the 2 suspects successful the attacks.

The victims were identified as:

  • Thomas Burns, 23
  • Carol Burns, 46
  • Gregory Burns, 28
  • Lydia Gloria Burns, 61
  • Bonnie Burns, 48
  • Earl Burns, 66
  • Lana Head, 49
  • Christian Head, 54
  • Robert Sanderson, 49
  • Wesley Petterson, 78

All of the victims are from James Smith Cree Nation, but Petterson who is from Weldon, authorities said.

About 1,800 members unrecorded connected the preservation and the federation has a full colonisation of astir 3,400 people, according to its website.

A pistillate   cries during a vigil for the stabbing onslaught  victims successful  Saskatchewan, Canada.

At a property league held by immoderate victims’ families Wednesday, Saskatoon Tribal Chief Mark Arcand identified Bonnie Burns arsenic his sister and Gregory Burns arsenic her son, and helium said different of her sons was stabbed but survived.

“Our household members, they’d privation america to determination on, they’d privation america to heal, but to ne'er forget, and to transportation emotion successful your hearts,” Arcand said.

Lydia Gloria Burns, who was a archetypal responder, was killed portion responding to an exigency telephone connected Sunday, her member Darryl Burns told Reuters. The outlet did not accidental whether the telephone was related to the stabbings.

“She was butchered,” her member Ivor Burns said to Reuters.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 2 of the surviving victims were successful the infirmary successful captious condition, 8 were successful unchangeable information and 7 others had been discharged, the Saskatchewan Health Authority confirmed.

Among the 18 injured was a young teenager, authorities said, though they volition not beryllium releasing the names of the surviving victims.

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