Khloe Kardashian introduces son in 'The Kardashians' Season 2 premiere

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(CNN)Khloe Kardashian revealed the newest addition to her household during the premiere of Season 2 of "The Kardashians."

The caller ma of 2 showed the travel to the commencement of her son, who arrived conscionable months aft her ex Tristan Thompson became progressive successful a paternity contention with different woman. Kardashian's son, whom she shares with Thompson and was carried by a surrogate, was calved astatine Cedars-Sinai Medical Center successful Los Angeles connected July 28.

Her sister, Kim Kardashian, who welcomed 2 of her ain children with the assistance of a surrogate, joined a tense Khloe connected the time helium was born, assuring Khloe, "you're ne'er ready, but you're ready." Kim besides documented the time connected her ain camera.

    Khloe grew affectional arsenic she watched her newborn lad beryllium delivered.

      "He looks conscionable similar True!" Kim tin beryllium heard yelling successful the video. Khloe besides shares 4-year-old girl True with Thompson.

      Khloe aboriginal grew affectional and addressed the timeline of Thompson's infidelity and her son's birth.

      "Ever since December, it's been this acheronian unreality looming implicit me. Every azygous day, I've been feeling depressed and sad, and present that my lad is here, I get to determination on, and I get to enjoy. It's astir similar I get to adjacent that section and beryllium done with this trauma and enactment it down me," she said. "Now I yet get to commencement the healing process. Now I get to commencement enjoying my beingness with 2 kids successful it and figuring this out. This is gonna beryllium time one, and this is gonna beryllium the commencement of thing positive, and blessed and beautiful."

        Viewers besides spot Khloe FaceTime the remainder of her household to present them to her son. For the 2nd time, she did let Thompson into the infirmary to conscionable the baby.

        "I've been connected the obstruction astir letting Tristan travel to the infirmary oregon not, but Tristan wants to beryllium present truthful I conscionable figured, wherefore not fto him come? I'll ne'er get this infinitesimal back," Khloe said.

          The 2 dated successful 2016 and welcomed True successful 2018. They broke up but reunited aft Thompson was caught cheating. Last year, it was reported that helium was expecting a babe with different pistillate named Maralee Nichols. A paternity trial proved helium was the father, yet helium ne'er told Khloe astir the pregnancy. Khloe said they completed the embryo transportation for their lad a fewer days earlier Thanksgiving, and she "found retired astir Tristan's concern the archetypal week of December."

          New episodes of "The Kardashians" aerial each Thursday connected Hulu.

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