Kim Kardashian Reveals Details About Her Upcoming True Crime Podcast

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Kim Kardashian is taking her passionateness for transgression justness betterment to caller heights.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starring lady, who announced a podcast deal with Spotify backmost successful 2020, is present offering immoderate hints astir her upcoming series, which she is acceptable to host.

“It’s called ‘The System,’” the Skims laminitis told Interview mag successful a portion published Tuesday. “The archetypal play is astir a truly brainsick lawsuit wherever a feline got the decease condemnation for a triple homicide that happened successful Ohio.”

“There are truthful galore twists and turns with however it was handled ― oregon mishandled ― and we instrumentality the listener on for a travel successful hunt of the truth,” she told the magazine.

Kardashian didn’t specify which lawsuit “The System” volition archetypal examine, but she has previously tweeted astir Kevin Keith, a erstwhile decease enactment inmate who says helium was wrongfully convicted successful the sidesplitting of 3 radical successful Ohio.

Fashion decorator Mel Ottenberg, who spoke to Kardashian for Interview, asked her whether she feels similar she has thing near to beryllium aft taking herself to “another level implicit the past fewer years.”

“I deliberation I’ll ever consciousness similar I person thing to prove,” the parent of 4 replied. “Even if it’s conscionable to myself.”

“My adjacent large happening is conscionable finishing instrumentality schoolhouse due to the fact that I’m halfway there,” she said. “It’s truly clip consuming. I person to survey 2 hours each time with my professor. I don’t person a time disconnected from that.”

In caller years, Kardashian has been to the White House respective times to speak astir structural issues successful the transgression justness system, and has helped fund assorted campaigns to commute people’s sentences and get them released from prison.

“Once I saw however breached the strategy is, I couldn’t stop,” she said. “I person to assistance arsenic galore radical arsenic I can. These radical are thrown distant and enactment successful situation and nary 1 cares. It’s truthful heartbreaking.”

Last December, Kardashian announced that she’d passed California’s alleged babe barroom exam. She celebrated her triumph connected Instagram astatine the time.

“OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM!!!!” she captioned the post. “I americium truly arrogant of the pistillate looking backmost contiguous successful the reflection.”

“For anyone who doesn’t cognize my instrumentality schoolhouse journey, cognize this wasn’t casual oregon handed to me. I failed this exam 3 times successful 2 years, but I got backmost up each clip and studied harder and tried again until I did it!!! (I did person COVID connected the 3rd effort with a 104 fever but I’m not making excuses,” she added, alongside a winking emoji.

To spot much from Kardashian’s speech with Ottenberg (along with immoderate revealing photos), head implicit to Interview.

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