"Knox Socks" helps support families hurt by cancer

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Heading into his 3rd twelvemonth successful the NFL, Buffalo Bills choky extremity Dawson Knox is simply a favourite for what helium does connected the tract and disconnected of it.

Since his rookie season, Knox has devoted clip to the P.U.N.T Pediatric Cancer Collaborative, which provides fiscal and affectional enactment for Western New York families whose children person been diagnosed with cancer.

The instauration helps to wage for treatments, infirmary bills, food, and adjacent infirmary parking.

"The much we tin rise for the P.U.N.T foundation, the amended these families volition be," said Knox.

The Bills prima knows firsthand however a crab diagnosis tin interaction the full family, arsenic it was erstwhile his household dealing with pediatric cancer. Knox's relative was diagnosed with bony cancer, but thankfully, has since beaten it.

This is the information that keeps him coming backmost to Osehi Children’s Hospital to brighten a young fan’s day.

"Being capable to locomotion into the country and instantly get immoderate smiles is unbelievable," said Knox. "It’s a large feeling for myself but besides knowing you tin bring a small joyousness into someone's beingness who is virtually astatine stone bottommost was a truly chill feeling."

While astatine the hospital, Knox noticed something. All the patients were wearing grey, non-slip infirmary socks.

That reflection motivated him to instrumentality the other measurement and spouse with Bare Feet to found "Knox Socks."

"I'm like, you cognize it already rhymes with Knox, it tin beryllium thing chill that they tin consciousness similar is their own," said Knox.

Proceeds from each brace of socks sold spell to P.U.N.T.

Knox says helium doesn’t plan the socks, helium conscionable gives the okay. He plans connected putting retired much designs and adjacent different apparel nether his enactment to payment the P.U.N.T instauration arsenic well.

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