Kody Clemens Strikes Out MVP Shohei Ohtani, Trails Dad Roger By 4,671 Ks

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — Kody Clemens volition ne'er drawback his begetter successful vocation strikeouts. When it comes to their archetypal one, though, the kid has the precocious hand.

The Detroit Tigers’ rookie inferior subordinate — and lad of seven-time Cy Young Award victor Roger Clemens — caught Shohei Ohtani looking precocious in Monday night’s 10-0 nonaccomplishment to the Los Angeles Angels.

Mopping up successful the eighth inning, Clemens froze past year’s AL MVP with a 68 mph transportation connected the extracurricular country for his archetypal large league strikeout and gave an exuberant onslaught 3 telephone connected the mound.

Ohtani deed 2 location runs earlier — his sixth multi-homer crippled of the season.

“I’m conscionable trying to get outs, and for it to travel similar that is evidently ace cool,” Clemens said. “He’s the champion subordinate successful baseball. So it’s a beauteous chill infinitesimal for me.”

Grinning receptor to ear, the 26-year-old Clemens tossed the souvenir shot into the dugout for harmless keeping and is hoping to get it signed by the Angels’ two-way prima during the last 2 days of the series.

“It was a fantastic pitch,” Ohtani said done his interpreter.

Kody Clemens pitches against the Angels.
Kody Clemens pitches against the Angels.

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By acold the hardest 1 of their encounter, too.

Ohtani fouled disconnected a 54 mph transportation from Clemens, took a 57 mph transportation for a shot and past fouled disconnected a 56 mph offering.

“I mean, evidently can’t bash it dilatory capable for Ohtani. Maybe you tin propulsion it dilatory and dilatory and dilatory and past possibly astonishment him with a fastball,” Detroit manager A.J. Hinch said. “Big grin connected Kody’s face, and Shohei tipped his cap.”

Those were 4 of the 7 slowest pitches Ohtani has faced this season, according to MLB Statcast. The different 3 were by Tampa Bay outfielder Brett Phillips, including a 53 mph “fastball” during the Angels’ 12-0 triumph connected May 12, erstwhile Reid Detmers threw a no-hitter for Los Angeles.

Clemens was pitching for the 3rd clip successful the past 7 days to prevention Detroit’s bullpen with the crippled retired of reach. He worked 1 inning and allowed 1 tally connected 3 hits.

He has pitched six times this play and fixed up 3 runs connected 10 hits successful six innings.

Roger Clemens had 4,672 strikeouts during his 24-year career, 3rd connected the all-time database down Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson. The Rocket’s archetypal 1 came against Cleveland’s Mike Hargrove connected May 15, 1984.

“I don’t cognize however (Kody’s) begetter would person done against (Ohtani), but helium tin ever accidental helium punched him out,” Hinch said.

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