Kristen Stewart on playing Princess Diana: 'I had to give it a shot'

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LOS ANGELES, Nov 3 (Reuters) - American histrion Kristen Stewart was frightened astatine the imaginable of playing Britain's Princess Diana successful the caller movie "Spencer," but it was a situation she could not refuse.

"Even if radical hated it and it ended up being similar a benignant of misfire, we tried the champion we could," said Stewart. "This wasn't thing I could walk up. I had to springiness it a shot."

"Spencer," arriving successful U.S. movie theaters connected Thursday, is directed by Chile's Pablo Larrain who has described it arsenic an imaginative representation of Diana alternatively than a biography.

It starts with the words "A fable from a existent tragedy."

The movie is acceptable during the 1991 Christmas holidays astatine Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham property erstwhile Diana has each but fixed up connected her matrimony to Prince Charles.

The 78th Venice Film Festival - Screening of the movie "Spencer" successful contention - Red Carpet Arrivals - Venice, Italy September 3, 2021 - Kirsten Stewart arrives. REUTERS/Yara Nardi

It portrays her arsenic progressively isolated from the remainder of the royal household and longing to interruption escaped from rules she sees arsenic suffocating.

Charles and Diana divorced successful 1996 and Diana died successful a Paris car clang a twelvemonth later.

"We absorbed her the champion that we perchance could, work everything, looked astatine everything. I emotionally connected with her. I emotion her. I'm not unsocial successful that. She is loveable. She is precise casual to consciousness protective over," Stewart, 31, said.

"There are things that we conscionable can't cognize but we'll beryllium endlessly funny about," she added.

Films and tv portrayals of Princess Diana person not ever been good received. Newcomer Emma Corrin won awards for playing a younger mentation of Diana successful "The Crown," but the Naomi Watts movie "Diana" successful 2013 got mediocre reviews. The caller Broadway philharmonic "Diana" was roasted by critics.

Stewart's performance, connected the different hand, has won rave reviews and could bring the histrion her archetypal Oscar information adjacent year. The Guardian described her show arsenic "entirely compelling," portion the Hollywood Reporter said Stewart was "incandescent."

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