Kyle Rittenhouse Announces New Video Game To Shoot ‘Fake News’

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Kyle Rittenhouse, who changeable and killed 2 unarmed men during a 2020 radical justness protest, is releasing a video crippled that allows players to sprout turkeys symbolizing the media.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of homicide for the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shootings, and has go a celebrated fig successful rightwing media. His caller crippled ― announced Thursday amid a propulsion for weapon authorities successful the aftermath of wide shootings ― features “fake quality turkeys” that are labeled “fake news” and “MSDNC.”

In a promotional video posted connected Twitter, Rittenhouse claims the “media is thing but a clump of turkeys with thing amended to bash than propulsion their lying docket and destruct guiltless people’s lives.”

Rittenhouse is collaborating connected the crippled with Mint Studios, whose CEO Mint Chip told the Washington Examiner that the institution “had to measurement successful to assistance Kyle aft we saw what was done to him.”

The crippled website says immoderate funds volition spell to “legal defence against the fake news.”

“There’s going to beryllium immoderate media accountability coming soon,” Rittenhouse told Fox News past December, though helium has not said who helium plans to sue.

Rittenhouse’s promotional video for his crippled included a rap astir bankrupting the news.

“It’s the fake quality turkey shoot/ Got a laser weapon going pew pew pew/ Follow my suits/ We astir to bankrupt the fake news.”

Rittenhouse announced the crippled connected the aforesaid time that the Supreme Court struck down a New York state gun power law. Meanwhile, the Senate is readying to ballot on bipartisan weapon information legislation drafted successful the aftermath of wide shootings astatine an simple schoolhouse successful Uvalde, Texas, and a market store successful a predominantly Black vicinity of Buffalo, New York.

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