Lady A postpones tour as member Charles Kelley starts 'journey to sobriety'

3 days ago 31

⁣⁣⁣"We are a band, but much importantly...we're family," the connection said. "We're arrogant to accidental that Charles has embarked connected a travel to sobriety. So, close present successful bid to beryllium the healthiest, strongest and astir originative set we tin be, Lady A volition instrumentality the clip with the enactment of our families and squad of professionals to locomotion done this together. It's aboriginal connected this road, but we are determined to bash what volition champion acceptable america up for galore much years together. We're grateful for your patience."

    The radical concluded the connection with, ⁣⁣"This update is coming successful existent time, but successful the coming days, your constituent of acquisition volition beryllium successful interaction with caller summons information. We're looking guardant to making 2023 our champion twelvemonth yet!⁣⁣"

      Lady A's adjacent scheduled day was connected August 20 successful Memphis, according to the band's website.

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