Lady Gaga Says She 'Lived' As 'House Of Gucci' Character For A Year And A Half

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If you happened to bump into idiosyncratic walking astir Los Angeles utilizing a thick, somewhat questionable Italian accent and dripping successful head-to-toe Gucci, chances are that was conscionable Lady Gaga going afloat method for her caller movie.

The euphony superstar hasn’t conscionable dipped her toes successful the acting pond erstwhile again for the upcoming “House of Gucci.” Instead, she’s afloat immersed herself successful the satellite of Patrizia Reggiani, who was tried and convicted of orchestrating the 1995 execution of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, the erstwhile caput of the Gucci manner house.

The Ridley Scott-directed movie chronicling 1 of the astir scandalous crimes successful Italian past arrives successful theaters this month, and Gaga has revealed that she reached the borderline of, well, her ain sanity to represent the murderess astatine the halfway of the story.

“It is 3 years since I started moving connected it ... and I volition beryllium afloat honorable and transparent: I lived arsenic her [Reggiani] for a twelvemonth and a half. And I spoke with an accent for 9 months of that,” she said successful the screen communicative for British Vogue’s December issue. “Off camera ... I ne'er broke. I stayed with her.”

Before the movie adjacent began accumulation successful Rome, Gaga was already undergoing a translation aft deducing it was “nearly intolerable for maine to talk successful the accent arsenic a blonde.”

“I instantly had to dye my hair, and I started to unrecorded successful a mode whereby thing that I looked at, thing that I touched, I started to instrumentality announcement of wherever and erstwhile I could spot money,” she said of becoming the character, who sought to prehend power of the luxury manner location from the titular family.

And past came the accent. Gaga worked “tirelessly” connected perfecting it, archetypal drilling down connected a circumstantial dialect from Reggiani’s birthplace earlier tweaking the accent to “work successful the higher people mode of speaking” to way her character’s changing societal presumption successful the film.

“I thought of my ancestors successful Italy, and what they had to bash truthful that I could person a amended life,” Gaga said successful effect to critics who questioned her accent successful the archetypal trailer for the film. “I conscionable wanted to marque them proud, which is wherefore I made the determination to marque the show astir a real pistillate and not astir the thought of a bad woman.”

But during the last stages of filming, Gaga revealed that she began to suffer interaction with her ain reality, which brought astir immoderate “psychological difficulty.”

“I was either successful my edifice room, surviving and speaking arsenic Reggiani, oregon I was connected set, surviving and speaking arsenic her,” she recalled. “I retrieve I went retired into Italy 1 time with a chapeau connected to instrumentality a walk. I hadn’t taken a locomotion successful astir 2 months and I panicked ... I thought I was connected a movie set.”

While her co-star Salma Hayek described Gaga’s method arsenic “delicious madness,” seemingly the translation took its toll with the vocalist adding that determination was “some soundlessness and immoderate disconnect” successful her idiosyncratic relationships astatine the time.

But was it worthy it? While the movie has yet to beryllium screened by critics, it’s already generating imaginable Oscar buzz for Gaga, who seems resigned to the all-or-nothing approach.

“That’s my ain travel arsenic an creator that I inactive reckon with,” she said. “And I inquire myself, ‘Is this healthy, the mode that you bash this?’ I conscionable don’t cognize immoderate different way.”

“House of Gucci,” which besides stars Adam Driver, Al Pacino and Jared Leto, is acceptable to deed theaters connected Nov. 24.

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