Lamar Jackson's Big Bet on Himself

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Last week, an underpaid, generational two-way menace showed up to the stadium wearing the azygous of different subordinate from different athletics who besides tortures opponents successful aggregate ways. Shohei Ohtani was wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey with Lamar Jackson’s sanction connected the back. 

Ohtani whitethorn yet go the highest-paid shot subordinate ever due to the fact that of his unicorn abilities arsenic a hitter and pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels. Jackson could go the NFL’s richest subordinate due to the fact that of his throwing, running—and his uncommon determination arsenic an elite backmost to stake connected himself. 

When Jackson and the Ravens failed to hold connected a declaration hold earlier this season, it acceptable up an antithetic script with hundreds of millions of dollars connected the line. Young superstar quarterbacks astir ne'er deed escaped agency. Jackson is present playing retired the last twelvemonth of his contract—bringing him person than his peers to cashing successful connected the unfastened market. 

If Jackson shines, he’ll beryllium positioned to interruption the bank. Without a semipermanent deal, though, helium besides faces the hazard of playing a athletics rife with the benignant of injuries that tin crater immoderate player’s value. 

Jackson’s gamble began Sunday connected a rainy tract successful New Jersey wherever the Ravens thumped the New York Jets 24-9 portion Jackson’s tantalizing skill-set was connected display. He launched a 55-yard touchdown pass. He danced his mode astir Jets defenders with his legs. Even connected a time erstwhile helium didn’t enactment up gaudy numbers, helium displayed the quality that made him the league’s astir invaluable subordinate conscionable a fewer years ago. 

That show came conscionable a fewer days aft football’s astir intimately watched declaration negotiations ended with bupkis. Ravens wide manager Eric DeCosta said they would proceed to enactment connected a semipermanent declaration aft the season. Coach John Harbaugh predicted Jackson would beryllium successful Baltimore for a “long time.” Yet Jackson eschewed the way that has landed his peers comfy nine-figure deals. 

Hardball declaration negotiations these days person developed a acquainted ritual. A subordinate sends cryptic messages connected societal media. Kyler Murray, for instance, deleted each references to the Arizona Cardinals from his Instagram relationship and unfollowed the team. Fans freak out. The subordinate and squad past hold to a caller deal, arsenic was the lawsuit with Murray, and everything is good again. 

Lamar Jackson carries the shot during a triumph against the New York Jets.

Photo: Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Sports

The playbook wasn’t truthful antithetic with Jackson, who sent Baltimore die-hards into a tizzy erstwhile helium liked a tweet with a representation of him successful a Miami Dolphins uniform. But astatine the extremity of this acceptable piece, helium audibled and declined to ink an connection that ESPN reported was worthy $250 cardinal implicit 5 years. 

One of the fewer rational economical forces successful the NFL, with its Byzantine wage headdress rules, is that the champion quarterbacks are paid the astir money. There are present 9 quarterbacks making astatine slightest $40 cardinal annually. Yet adjacent those deals apt don’t seizure the existent marketplace values of those players. That’s due to the fact that they astir ne'er deed the unfastened market. 

When an NFL squad strikes golden with a franchise quarterback, it astir ever races to fastener him up arsenic rapidly arsenic possible. Players are eligible for an hold aft 3 seasons—and it usually doesn’t instrumentality overmuch longer for a lucrative woody to follow. 

Patrick Mahomes signed a woody that’s perchance worthy implicit $500 cardinal aft his 3rd season. Earlier this year, Murray and the Cardinals agreed to presumption aft his 3rd year. The Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, who was drafted successful the aforesaid people arsenic Jackson, did the aforesaid a twelvemonth ago. So the information that Jackson played past year, his 4th season, without a woody was already beyond the norm. And it’s happening again successful 2022. 

There isn’t a wide examination for a backmost arsenic young and talented arsenic Jackson hitting escaped agency, but his earning imaginable is demonstrated by a caller lawsuit erstwhile a little celebrated backmost did. Kirk Cousins has agelong been viewed arsenic a coagulated passer, albeit 1 who’s a chopped oregon 2 beneath the elite. And aft helium played retired his woody with Washington, helium received a groundbreaking declaration from the Minnesota Vikings that was afloat guaranteed successful 2018. That’s highly abnormal successful the NFL, wherever afloat guaranteed wealth is rare—but, arsenic a escaped agent, Cousins had the leverage to request it. 

Deshaun Watson also landed a guaranteed deal this offseason erstwhile helium was traded to the Cleveland Browns, and portion Watson wasn’t a escaped cause helium besides had galore teams bidding connected him aft helium demanded a commercialized from the Texans, a concern that simulated what it could look similar for a backmost connected the unfastened market. (The declaration was besides wide criticized due to the fact that of the intersexual misconduct allegations against Watson, which has since yielded an 11-game suspension.) 

There has besides ne'er been a amended clip for a subordinate similar Jackson to perchance capitalize. The wage cap, astatine an all-time precocious of $208 million, has fixed teams much wealth than ever to walk connected their marquee players. Murray’s woody is worthy up to $46 cardinal annually. Murray is besides not arsenic accomplished arsenic Jackson. 

Although Jackson’s declaration is up aft this season, he’s improbable to deed escaped bureau conscionable yet. The Ravens volition person the enactment to springiness him the alleged franchise tag, a binding and pricey one-year woody that helps teams support their champion players. But those franchise tags escalate successful outgo if a squad uses them repeatedly. Playing connected back-to-back franchise tags is yet what paved Cousins’s way to escaped agency. 

Ravens manager John Harbaugh with backmost Lamar Jackson.

Photo: Karl Merton Ferron/Zuma Press

Jackson is besides a peculiar campaigner to caput down this road. He’s truthful athletic that immoderate pundits suggested helium go a wide receiver up of the NFL draft. Jackson made that look downright silly erstwhile helium won MVP successful 2019, his archetypal afloat play starting. He led the league successful passing touchdowns that twelvemonth portion besides mounting the single-season grounds for rushing yards by a quarterback. 

While his quality to tally truthful efficaciously increases his value, it besides creates the cognition that determination is much hazard successful counting connected him for the agelong haul. Taking disconnected with the shot much often tin summation the fig of hits helium absorbs, and on with that the accidental helium gets hurt. And if his velocity diminishes arsenic helium ages, helium could suffer a large portion of his game. If Tom Brady has gotten a measurement oregon 2 slower implicit the years, it hasn’t precisely mattered overmuch for his crippled due to the fact that helium spends each time lasting successful the pocket. 

It’s a hazard Jackson is intelligibly consenting to take. The reward could beryllium the biggest woody successful NFL history. 

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