Lamar Odom is a fan of 'The Kardashians' even though it's hard for him to watch

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Lamar Odom with Khloe Kardashian successful  2012

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Their matrimony whitethorn person ended successful 2016, but Lamar Odom inactive has emotion for Khloe Khardashian.

The erstwhile hoops player told E! that the Hulu world amusement “The Kardashians” has go a “guilty pleasure” for him, though helium acknowledged it’s been hard to ticker his ex wife’s travel with the begetter of her 2 children, hoops subordinate Tristan Thompson, play out.

“It was hard for maine to ticker that,” Lamar shared. “It’s ever going to beryllium hard for maine to ticker idiosyncratic I emotion truthful overmuch [be] bittersweet similar that.”

The archetypal occurrence of play 2 debuted precocious and focused connected Khardashian dealing with the commencement of her and Thompson’s lad successful the midst of a paternity ungraded helium was embroiled successful with different women.

The erstwhile mates besides stock a 4 year-old daughter, True.

Odom had thing but champion wishes for his ex-wife.

“I conscionable privation her to beryllium happy,” helium said. “That’s it.”

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