Las Vegas police seek public's help after veteran reporter is found dead outside his home

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(CNN)Las Vegas constabulary are asking for the public's assistance identifying a imaginable fishy successful the decease of seasoned paper writer Jeff German, recovered dormant extracurricular his location connected Saturday.

In 2 surveillance images released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the imaginable fishy is seen wearing a wide-brimmed chapeau and agleam orangish shirt. The idiosyncratic "was perchance casing the country to perpetrate different crimes earlier the homicide occurred," constabulary said.

Police are asking people successful the community to reappraisal their surveillance cameras to spot whether they captured the idiosyncratic Friday betwixt 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Las Vegas constabulary  released these surveillance images of the imaginable  suspect.

German, a writer for much than 30 years successful Las Vegas, was recovered dormant extracurricular of his location Saturday morning, the Las Vegas Review-Journal said. The insubstantial said German was recovered with "stab wounds."

"The Review-Journal household is devastated to suffer Jeff," said Executive Editor Glenn Cook, according to the paper. "He was the golden modular of the quality business. It's hard to ideate what Las Vegas would beryllium similar contiguous without his galore years of shining a agleam airy connected acheronian places."

The constabulary section said officers were called to the country Saturday conscionable aft 10:30 a.m. and arriving officers and aesculapian unit pronounced the unfortunate deceased astatine the scene.

The constabulary section did not place German successful its quality merchandise but said that "the recognition of the victim, arsenic good arsenic the origin and mode of death" would beryllium released by the Clark County Coroner's Office.

CNN has reached retired to the Clark County Coroner's Office for much information.

The homicide part of LVMPD is investigating, the merchandise said.

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