Latino police officer is 2nd to speak publicly after alleging discrimination from former chief

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(CNN)A Latino serviceman successful a suburban Cleveland constabulary department, became the 2nd serviceman to talk retired publically aft filing a ailment earlier this twelvemonth with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission astir alleged racist actions by erstwhile Sheffield Lake Police Chief Anthony Campo.

Officer A.J. Torres filed his ailment with the authorities civilian rights committee connected February 8, 2022. The filing with the committee is simply a measurement required by authorities instrumentality earlier filing an employment favoritism lawsuit.

Officer A.J. Torres.

At a quality league Tuesday successful Sheffield Lake, Ohio, Torres' lawyer Kevin Conway said the serviceman was regularly harassed by Campo owed to his religion and race. Torres said helium is simply a "devoted Catholic" and should not person to fell his religion astatine work.

"I don't enactment distant my nationality and my practice erstwhile I travel to work, I shouldn't person to fell my religion either," Torres said.

Attorney Ashlie Case Sletvold, who besides represents Torres, said Campo placed a representation of Torres with 2 children, taken portion connected a missionary trip, adding a code bubble that implied Torres was a pedophile, connected a constabulary section bulletin board. The bulletin committee was 1 that each officers were required to cheque regular for "daily reports and logs arsenic good arsenic different departmental orders and publications," according to Torres' rebuttal to the city's comments, and Campo near the representation determination for months. Sletvold besides said that Campo allegedly repeatedly mocked Torres for not moving Sundays owed to his spiritual beliefs and placed a representation of Torres connected an representation of a priest. Torres' attorneys besides accidental successful a abstracted incident, Campo placed an representation of Torres connected a representation of a vessel of salsa picante blistery condiment and placed it connected a constabulary bulletin board.

Ohio constabulary  main  retires aft  racist incidental  caught connected  surveillance successful  constabulary  station

According to a missive from the city's attorneys obtained by CNN from the attorneys for the officers pursuing Tuesday's presser, the metropolis of Sheffield Lake does not quality Campo's behaviour was "perhaps inappropriate and successful mediocre taste," nevertheless the metropolis maintains that the erstwhile chief's actions were "not truthful violative to the tenable idiosyncratic that it would materially impact the presumption and consequences of employment." The city's attorneys besides said Campo denies harassing Torres astir his religion but admits to making and posting the images Torres and his attorneys allege, according to those documents.

CNN has reached retired to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission for absorption to these caller allegations. CNN has not been capable to scope Campo.

In June 2021, Campo was seen connected video placing a Ku Klux Klan statement implicit the constabulary insignia connected a Black officer's raincoat. In the video, serviceman Keith Pool, the department's lone Black serviceman astatine the time, was seen past entering the country and appearing to laughter aft seeing the raincoat. Pool's attorneys accidental Campo past encouraged others to presumption his actions and proceeded to parade astir the bureau with a KKK chapeau and said Pool would person to deterioration the chapeau connected his adjacent call. According to CNN affiliate WOIO, Sheffield Mayor Dennis Bring says Pool told him helium lone laughed fixed the uncomfortable presumption helium was enactment successful by the chief's prank.

Black constabulary  serviceman  successful  Ohio files complaint  of employment   favoritism  implicit    alleged racist activities of erstwhile  chief

Pool subsequently filed an employment favoritism complaint.

"It was truthful demeaning that successful the infinitesimal I conscionable didn't cognize however to respond to it. I felt similar I'd been deed with a sledgehammer," Pool told reporters successful a property league erstwhile helium elaborate his complaints against the erstwhile constabulary main past year.

Shortly aft the incident, Campo was asked by the city's politician to crook successful his badge and keys and the politician announced Campo's status after, according to CNN affiliates. In an interrogation with CNN affiliate WEWS, Campo claimed his actions seen successful the video were "a gag that got retired of hand." Torres said Tuesday that everything the erstwhile main enactment him and Pool done wasn't a gag and Campo's alleged racist and anti-Catholic attacks hurt.

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