Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's 'Special Master' Judge Tops GOP Short List For Supreme Court

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MSNBC big Lawrence O’Donnell said Tuesday that Judge Aileen Cannon present tops the GOP abbreviated database for the Supreme Court by siding with erstwhile President Donald Trump for “no known ineligible reason.” (Watch the video below.)

Cannon, appointed to a national seat by Trump successful 2020, “publicly applied ... successful writing” for a aboriginal vacancy connected the precocious tribunal by granting Trump’s petition for a “special master” to reappraisal documents seized from his location by the FBI. The involution has been questioned by legal experts, 1 of whom called Cannon “biased and corrupt.”

O’Donnell said if Trump (or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) is elected president, the abbreviated database volition see lone her sanction and it would stay determination “for arsenic agelong arsenic it takes for different Republican to triumph the Electoral College.”

Cannon issued the order this week for an autarkic arbiter implicit the objections of the Justice Department, which is investigating Trump for allegedly squirreling distant classified worldly astatine Mar-a-Lago. Trump has claimed the worldly is protected by “executed privilege.” Cannon asserted that Trump could endure “reputational harm” if helium were to beryllium indicted.

O’Donnell scoffed astatine Cannon’s interest for Trump.

“You cannot endure reputational harm if you person already destroyed your reputation,” helium snapped.

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