LeBron James Debuts Dramatic New Look — But Fans Question If It's Real

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LeBron James mightiness beryllium trying thing new.

The NBA icon sent the net into a frenzy connected Tuesday aft sharing a representation of himself looking gleeful successful a barber’s seat with a seemingly shaved bald caput successful his Instagram Stories.

For years, James’ hairsbreadth has been the brunt of memes, with the ballplayer erstwhile laughing astatine a meme that compared his thinning hairsbreadth to a Reese’s peanut food cupful that got stuck to the wrapper.

After his alleged unveiling, fans connected Twitter rapidly rushed to praise the Lakers prima for his caller look, with “Bald Bron” becoming a inclination connected Twitter wrong hours of James dropping the viral photograph connected his account.

“Welcome to [the] baldside my member we person been waiting for you,” a idiosyncratic wrote. ”@KingJames Some times we person to fto spell of our hairlines to find existent bid and solace. Now your beard is going to beryllium the prima of the amusement fto it shine.”

Another idiosyncratic said: “Lebron yet went bald. He astir to triumph MVP,” alongside a laughing emoji.

“Bald Bron is the past signifier of greatness….as a antheral that has been bald since 21yrs aged we should person a #BaldAwarenessMonth,” one idiosyncratic added.

But immoderate weren’t truthful speedy to judge the star’s caller look.

A slew of fans began questioning the validity of James’ hairstyle and raised the anticipation that helium utilized a filter to digitally fool radical into reasoning he’s gone bald.

Looks similar a filter origin it’s a small blurred wherever his hairsbreadth would be.

— philly (@philly1622) September 20, 2022

James ― the archetypal progressive NBA subordinate to go a billionaire ― is acceptable to instrumentality connected preseason activities aboriginal adjacent period earlier the Los Angeles Lakers conflict the Golden State Warriors for the archetypal crippled of the play connected Oct. 18.

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