Losses Continue to Mount for Former Raiders Coach Jon Gruden

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whom helium coached to a Super Bowl win, person removed him from their Ring of Honor, and a footwear institution nary longer wants his endorsement.

Mike Mayock, the wide   manager   of the Las Vegas Raiders, spoke to the quality    media Wednesday successful  the aftermath  of Jon Gruden’s departure.
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Ben Shpigel

Oct. 13, 2021, 5:01 p.m. ET

The harm to Jon Gruden’s bequest has radiated beyond the nonaccomplishment of his occupation arsenic manager of the Las Vegas Raiders and the wide denunciation of comments that were homophobic, misogynistic and racist. The revelation that Gruden denigrated radical astir the N.F.L. has tarnished long-held relationships, quashed a sponsorship woody and plunged him into disrepute with the enactment helium delivered a Super Bowl title.

Gruden has not spoken publically since his connection announcing his resignation connected Monday night, hours aft The New York Times reported that N.F.L. officials had discovered, amid a workplace misconduct probe into the Washington Football Team that did not straight impact him, that helium had casually and regularly disparaged radical passim the league successful bigoted terms. That study came 3 days aft The Wall Street Journal archetypal reported Gruden had sent a connection successful which helium denigrated DeMaurice Smith, the enforcement manager of the N.F.L. Players Association, who is Black, with a racist trope.

The N.F.L.P.A. and the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which is dedicated to improving diverseness successful the N.F.L., condemned Gruden’s remarks, dissimilar the Raiders, who successful their connection Monday nighttime simply said that proprietor Mark Davis had accepted his resignation. On Wednesday, General Manager Mike Mayock emphasized to reporters that Davis’s precocious father, Al Davis, had employed, astatine assorted times, the league’s highest-ranking woman, Amy Trask; the archetypal African American manager successful the modern era, Art Shell; and 1 of the league’s archetypal Hispanic coaches, Tom Flores.

Mark Davis told ESPN connected Wednesday that helium had nary remark connected Gruden’s departure. Then, possibly suggesting his displeasure that these antecedently confidential emails had outgo him his coach, Davis said, “Ask the N.F.L. They person each the answers.”

The league said past week that it shared emails with the Raiders successful which Gruden made derogatory remarks. As the Raiders tried to regroup down the interim coach, Rich Bisaccia, Gruden’s erstwhile team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, removed his sanction from their Ring of Honor astatine Raymond James Stadium. They apt had small prime aft 1 email from 2015 revealed that Gruden — who coached the squad for 7 years, winning a Super Bowl aft the 2002 play — insulted Bryan Glazer, a scion of the household that owns the team, with a crude request.


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Under their existent coach, Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers person prioritized diversifying their staff. They became the archetypal squad to instal Black coaches successful each 3 coordinator positions, and they were besides the archetypal to person 2 women — adjunct antiaircraft enactment manager Lori Locust and spot and conditioning manager Maral Javadifar — successful full-time roles.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers person advocated for purposeful alteration successful the areas of contention relations, sex equality, diverseness and inclusion for galore years,” the squad said successful a statement. “While we admit Jon Gruden’s contributions connected the field, his actions spell against our halfway values arsenic an organization.”

Gruden exchanged these emails with Bruce Allen, the erstwhile president of the Washington Football Team, and others, during his clip arsenic an ESPN commentator earlier his 2nd stint arsenic the Raiders’ manager began successful 2018. They correspond conscionable a sliver of astir 650,000 messages reviewed by the N.F.L. arsenic portion of an probe into Washington’s workplace civilization that ended this summer. The league, concluding that the situation was “highly unprofessional” and perpetuated bullying and intimidation, fined Washington $10 million.

No ceremonial accounting of the probe was released astatine the time, lone a abbreviated summary. Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, lawyers who were representing 40 erstwhile squad employees, inveighed against that determination astatine the time, saying that the league was protecting the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, by keeping the findings private. Banks and Katz renewed their propulsion connected Tuesday aft Gruden’s resignation.

“It is genuinely outrageous that aft the NFL’s 10-month-long probe involving hundreds of witnesses and 650,000 documents related to the longtime civilization of harassment and maltreatment astatine the Washington Football Team, the lone idiosyncratic to beryllium held accountable and suffer their occupation is the manager of the Las Vegas Raiders,” they said successful a statement. “Our clients and the nationalist astatine ample merit transparency and accountability. If not, the N.F.L. and Roger Goodell indispensable explicate wherefore they look intent connected protecting the Washington Football Team and proprietor Dan Snyder astatine each costs.”

Gruden besides mislaid his endorsement declaration with the footwear and apparel institution Skechers, which successful a connection cited a zero-tolerance argumentation for behaviour that opposes its content successful “equality, fostering tolerance and knowing for each people.”

He besides whitethorn person mislaid the respect of 1 of his erstwhile players, Carl Nassib, who is the archetypal progressive N.F.L. subordinate to publically state that helium is gay.

Gruden, successful 1 email, utilized a derogatory word erstwhile helium wrote that Commissioner Roger Goodell shouldn’t person pressured the Rams to draught cheery players. Gruden was referring to Michael Sam, a cheery subordinate taken successful 2014. When Nassib came retired successful June, Gruden praised his decision. Nassib has not commented publically connected Gruden’s emails, but erstwhile the Raiders reconvened Wednesday for practice, Nassib was not there.

“He requested a idiosyncratic time today,” Mayock told reporters. “He conscionable said he’s got a batch to process, there’s a batch that’s been going connected the past fewer days, and of course, we enactment that request.”

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