Lydia Ko praised for talking about period after surprising reporter with honest answer

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(CNN)Golf's satellite No. 3 Lydia Ko has been praised for her honorable reply astir being connected her play which near her interviewer mislaid for words.

During the last round of the Palos Verdes Championship connected Sunday, Ko could beryllium seen receiving attraction from her carnal therapist Chris Wicker for an evident choky back.

Having completed her circular and posting a one-under 70 to decorativeness tied for third, the New Zealand subordinate was asked by Golf Channel newsman Jerry Foltz astir the trainer, his attraction and if determination was immoderate semipermanent concern.

    "I anticipation not," Ko said. "It's that clip of the month.

      Ko watches her changeable  from the 4th  tee during the last  circular  of the Palos Verdes Championship.

      "I cognize the ladies watching are astir apt like: 'Yeah, I got you.' So, erstwhile that happens, my backmost gets truly tight, and I'm each twisted. It's not the archetypal clip that Chris (Wicker) has seen maine twisted, but it felt a batch amended aft helium came. So, yeah, determination you go."

      The 17-time LPGA Tour winner's reply took Foltz by surprise. He stuttered arsenic helium stumbled for an due effect earlier managing to say: "Thanks."

      Ko was capable to laughter disconnected immoderate awkwardness, saying with a smile: "I cognize you're astatine a nonaccomplishment for words, Jerry. Honesty it is."

        On Monday, Foltz himself acknowledged his astonishment astatine Ko's answer, replying to a tweet including a nexus to an nonfiction from Golf Central titled "'Honesty it is': Lydia Ko leaves interviewer speechless with response" with 3 elemental words: "Yes it did."

        Ko's openness astir her period, a taxable successful women's sports that is often seen arsenic taboo, earned her a immense swell of praise connected societal media.

        Ko chooses a nine  astatine  the 4th  tee during the last  circular  of the Palos Verdes Championship.

          Marama Davidson, the New Zealand Greens co-leader, said connected Twitter that play symptom is "definitely not acknowledged enough."

          ESPN writer Zenia D'cunha said: "We should normalize women successful sports talking astir periods similar this. It's not an excuse oregon an embarrassment, it's conscionable a bodily function."

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