Man attacked over bike on levee in Algiers

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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A section concern proprietor is attacked portion riding his motorcycle connected the levee successful Algiers.

It happened July 18 connected the Mississippi River Trail adjacent the intersection of Odeon and Patterson.

“I conjecture it was successful shock. I was hurting. I was screaming ‘Oh god, ohio my God,’” the antheral said.

It was the past happening helium thought would hap to him portion trying to get immoderate workout connected a Monday greeting astir 8:15 a.m.

“A young woman parks a motorcycle close wherever this incidental took spot and started doing crunches connected the cement close there, truthful I’m like, okay, it’s beauteous safe,” helium said. “I benignant of fto my defender down reasoning it was truly harmless place. A batch of radical up determination are going some ways.”

He utilized to thrust his motorcycle astatine Audubon Park, but his motortruck was breached into, truthful helium thought a power to the Westbank would beryllium safer, riding on the levee from Old Gretna to the Chalmette Ferry and back.

“I slowed down astatine this shipyard, the aged Todd shipyard,” helium said. “Every bicyclist has to dilatory down close determination due to the fact that there’s 3 bumps you got to pass, truthful determination was a feline lasting there. I didn’t deliberation thing of it.”

He says the antheral wasn’t wearing gym apparel and was conscionable lasting connected the way adjacent the archetypal bump. He assumed the antheral was conscionable walking on and arsenic helium approached, the antheral adjacent moved retired of his way.

“After I got past the 3rd bump, I started gaining my velocity and thing came up from down maine and deed me. It was him,” helium said. “Knocked maine implicit a large committee they person close determination and I flipped implicit that and went down to the cement broadside of the levee.”

He shattered his bottommost trying to drawback himself arsenic helium tumbled.

“I had to crawl up the levee to get to safety,” He said. “I was trying to get to somebody’s location to travel assistance maine due to the fact that I didn’t person my phone, my telephone was attached to my bicycle. I tin spot him peddling away. I didn’t privation him to spot maine moving astir reasoning helium would travel backmost and possibly decorativeness maine off. I was defenseless astatine this point. I was bleeding each over.”

Once his attacker rode disconnected helium tried to emblem immoderate radical down, but they were suspicious and kept moving.

“I’m screaming ‘Please assistance me, delight assistance me. I was attacked. They stole my bicycle,’” helium said.

Three radical ended up coming backmost to help, 1 a retired NOPD officer.

“I said ‘Please don’t permission me, delight don’t leave,’” helium said. “I was fearing for my life.”

He says he’s truthful grateful for the benignant strangers and for the officers and EMTs who got determination wrong 25 minutes.

“I don’t deliberation I was the archetypal one. I don’t privation it to person to hap anybody else,” helium said.

He’s present successful a formed for 12 weeks, but thankful it wasn’t worse.

“I fto my defender down. I should person been much aware, I should person been much cautious. Just beryllium cautious retired there,” helium said.

NOPD is investigating and asks anyone with immoderate accusation to telephone 4th District detectives oregon permission an anonymous extremity with Crimestoppers.

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