Man drives 1,800 miles in tractor to raise money for Parkinson's

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Man makes 1,800-mile tractor travel to Minnesota for Parkinson’s probe

Man makes 1,800-mile tractor travel to Minnesota for Parkinson’s research 02:08

HIBBING, Minn. -- Imagine driving transverse country, 1,800 miles, successful a tractor. A Washington authorities antheral conscionable did it for an important cause.

The full happening benignant of began arsenic a joke. Mike Adkinson's brother-in-law ever talked astir needing a tractor. 

So, Mike would sarcastically connection to thrust his tractor from Bellingham, Washington to Perch Lake, Minnesota. Then, 1 day, it wasn't a gag anymore.

"Finally I thought you know, astatine 76 I could usage a situation similar that, truthful I'm gonna bash that," said Adkinson. 

Before helium near connected the 1,800-mile journey, Adkinson got different crushed to go. His member Dan was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

"It truly deed our household truly hard, and of people there's not overmuch you tin bash to help. So, I conscionable thought you cognize what? I deliberation I tin rise donations by doing this," said Adkinson. 

So helium did. He drove done snow, sleet and, astatine times, an unforgiving sun. The tractor's close wheels were ever a ft from the ditch. And immoderate clip a motortruck passed by, helium got muddy. Adkinson's John Deere tops retired astatine astir 15 miles an hour, which is simply a large crushed wherefore it took him six weeks to question from Washington to Minnesota. 

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The miles went by slowly, but the donations piled up quickly. By the clip helium reached Minnesota, Adkinson had raised much than $50,000 for Parkinson's research. He'd walk his nights successful motels, and during the time radical would springiness him donations and treats.

"One feline stopped maine and helium had beef jerky, and different mates stopped and they had cocoa brownies," said Adkinson. "I truly bask gathering people." 

And they enjoyed gathering the tractor guy, and his 15-mile-an-hour ngo to assistance others. 

"He's the astir caring, genuine, passionate idiosyncratic I know, and it was for specified a bully origin that we're each supportive and we're conscionable thankful helium made it present successful 1 piece," said niece Kendra Raich. "It takes a peculiar person, but that's Uncle Mike." 

Adkinson has present officially raised implicit $52,000 for Parkinson's disease.

John Lauritsen


John Lauritsen is an Emmy award-winning newsman from Montevideo, Minn. He joined WCCO-TV successful late-July of 2007. Two days aft helium started, the Interstate 35W span collapsed.

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