Man fighting for life after being shot 3 times

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Dakotah Earley's member spoke with ABC7 from his location successful Atlanta connected Sunday afternoon.

He said Dakotah is inactive successful the ICU and doctors enactment his chances of endurance astatine 50/50. And yet, helium wanted to talk retired to convey the outpouring of enactment helium and his household person received from cleanable strangers each implicit Chicago.

"Thank you, from the bottommost of my heart. My household appreciates it. Just convey you," Dashawn said.

Dakotah moved to Chicago from Atlanta conscionable six months ago. A passionateness for nutrient led the caller culinary schoolhouse postgraduate determination and to a occupation astatine the Greater Chicago Food Depository. He is warring for his beingness astatine Illinois Masonic Hospital astir 3 days aft being shot respective times by an equipped robber successful Lincoln Park. Dashawn called the onslaught "downright disgusting."

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"He decided to unrecorded with my grandma conscionable to fig worldly out. He's 23. And being 23, you privation to fig retired what you've got going on, what you privation to bash successful life," Dashawn said.

The robbery was caught connected surveillance video. It shows the 23-year-old walking adjacent Webster and Wayne Avenues astir 3:00 a.m. connected Friday erstwhile an equipped antheral runs up to him. After engaging successful a conflict implicit what appears to beryllium Dakotah's phone, the antheral changeable him 3 times.

"The archetypal clip I saw it, my tummy sank and my bosom was successful pieces," Dashawn said. "Watching that video, you're conscionable astatine a nonaccomplishment for words due to the fact that it's like, erstwhile you spot it, it's conscionable 'wow.' I can't judge they did that."

The convulsive robbery was 1 of astatine slightest 8 that constabulary judge to beryllium connected. Each incidental took spot successful Lakeview and Lincoln Park betwixt May 4 and May 6.

For Dakotah's family, his parent especially, who has hardly near his broadside astatine the hospital, the full occurrence is simply unbelievable.

"In pieces," Dashawn said. "She's inactive conscionable reeling implicit the information that her lad is warring for his beingness close now."

Earley underwent 2 surgeries Friday and is reportedly warring for his life. At past check, over $60,000 has been raised to assistance with his aesculapian expenses.

While constabulary proceed to hunt for the offenders, who they judge to beryllium 2 men moving together, a assemblage gathering is scheduled to instrumentality spot with investigators from the 19th Police District connected Monday via zoom.

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