Man guilty on all charges in murder of wife

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VERNON, CT (WFSB) – A assemblage has recovered Richard Dabate blameworthy connected each charges successful the execution of his woman Connie Dabate successful 2015.

Dabate is blameworthy connected charges of murder, tampering-physical evidence, and mendacious statements.

The Ellington antheral was accused of sidesplitting his woman days earlier Christmas successful 2015.

Tuesday, the assemblage asked to re-hear witnesser grounds dealing with DNA evidence.

The pandemic truly delayed the commencement of this trial.

Connie Dabate’s household is blessed she yet gets justice.

“As you know, this proceedings was designated arsenic the ‘Fitbit trial.’ This proceedings was not astir a Fitbit, this proceedings was astir the cold-blooded and planned execution of Connie Margotta Dabate,” said Wayne Rioux, Margotta household friend.

Days earlier Christmas successful 2015-- Richard Dabate says a antheral broke into their home, past changeable and killed his woman Connie.

After 5 weeks connected trial, Richard has been recovered blameworthy successful Connie’s death.

“I thought we enactment connected a precise beardown lawsuit for Rick arsenic to wherefore helium was not blameworthy of this discourtesy and we’re precise disappointed with the result here. But it’s not the extremity of the road,” said Trent LaLima, Dabate’s attorney.

In the trial, prosecutors pointed to technological grounds similar Connie’s Fitbit, which showed her moving astir much than an hr aft Richard said she died.

Also, Richard’s telephone pinned him to their location erstwhile helium said helium wasn’t there.

Connie’s household accidental they’re relieved.

“It’s a value lifted disconnected my shoulders, but it’s bittersweet. Everything kinda hits home, everything we went done and tried to down america six years agone is close successful beforehand of america close now. So I’m precise blessed with the verdict,” said Keith Margotta, Connie’s brother.

More than 100 witnesses testified and implicit 600 pieces of grounds were presented to the jury.

Experts accidental it was 1 portion of evidence, a Fitbit, that helped the assemblage reached a verdict.

“It placed her backmost successful the location and placed her moving astir astatine a clip Mr. Dabate says she was already changeable and killed. That was the astir damming grounds particularly for idiosyncratic who takes the basal successful his ain defense,” says lawyer Ryan McGuigan.

The prosecution says Richard planned sidesplitting his woman due to the fact that helium wanted to debar divorcement since helium was astir to person a kid with different woman. Richard claims it was an intruder that killed his wife.

“Very disappointed successful the result here. I thought we enactment a precise beardown lawsuit for Rick arsenic to wherefore helium was not blameworthy of this offense. We are precise disappointed with the outcome,” says Dabate’s attorney.

“Connie was fundamentally sentenced to decease portion this convicted murderer has been surviving his beingness retired connected parole for six and a fractional years. There volition beryllium nary closure for the family, but determination is yet justness for Connie.” says Rioux.

Richard volition instrumentality to tribunal connected September 16 for a pre-sentencing investigation.

Richard Dabate faces a minimum condemnation of 25 years to beingness successful prison.

His enslaved is acceptable astatine $5 million.

If helium does enslaved out, he’ll beryllium taxable to GPS monitoring.

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Richard Dabate recovered blameworthy connected each charges

Richard Dabate recovered blameworthy connected each charges

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