Man remains shaken after being robbed at gunpoint

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A antheral was robbed astatine gunpoint aft helium thought helium was gathering a purchaser done Facebook Marketplace, and it was each caught connected camera.

As CBS 2’s Marissa Parra uncovered, the antheral was not the lone online seller who has been targeted.

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Mohammed “Fahad” Adil tried to merchantability his telephone online. He got robbed astatine gunpoint instead.

“My household is worried,” Adil said. “They’re getting tense to spell extracurricular our home.”

It started connected Facebook Marketplace. Adil got involvement erstwhile helium listed his phone.

“I’m reasoning that, you know, it’s genuine,” helium said.

Adil thought helium did his probe – talking to the “buyer” implicit the telephone and asking to conscionable determination similar a constabulary station.

“This woman mentioned she worked astatine simple schoolhouse and that she is disabled, and she won’t beryllium capable to drive,” helium said.

But that was really the trap. Adil felt bad, and decided to travel to the pistillate successful South Chicago.

But erstwhile helium showed up to the 8000 artifact of South Chappel Avenue, she was obscurity to beryllium seen. She claimed she was sending her fiancé.

Within seconds, it was a country of horror.

Adil: “I was interacting with that idiosyncratic – idiosyncratic other came from my backmost and pointed a weapon towards my head”

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Parra: “Did you consciousness it?”

Adil: “Yeah, I virtually consciousness it, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he’s like, ‘Shut up. Just springiness up each your stuff!’”

The robbery was captured done the cameras connected Adil’s Tesla. The 2 conmen took some of his phones, including the 1 helium was trying to sell, earlier taking off.

It would not beryllium the archetypal time. At slightest six radical selling items done social media person been robbed since September – each wrong a one-block radius successful South Chicago.

“They were virtually professionals,” Adil said.

The different heists bash not astonishment Adil. But the representation of his ain inactive has him shaken.

“I ne'er expected this to hap successful the United States,” Adil said.

He wants his acquisition to beryllium a cautionary communicative for different Chicagoans gathering done Marketplace.

“In the future, I volition beryllium precise overmuch cautious dealing with strangers,” Adil said. “I’m truthful fortunate to beryllium alive.”

Unlike with astir crimes, Adil was capable to supply constabulary with footage of the thieves. But those high-tech cameras connected his Tesla person not helped him yet.

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We reached retired to Chicago Police astir his case. There has not been an update.

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